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  1. I was aromatically satisfied (um, drunk) when I wrote that. I'd already tasted it straight, and yeah, I get the point of water. Good news though, I think I love the taste of licorice now... More late night testing needed of course!
  2. No one tell him that The Star Spangled Banner is based on a british drinking song!!!
  3. Thanks. Package came today, and I first tried the Obsello. Too much licorice for my taste, though it did become a bit more manageable as I drunk it. I still didn't finish it though, and poured it in the sink. It could've been because I used too much water, giving it a sickly medicine type of feel. Long hours later, I'm now sipping on the Vieux Carre, and while it smelled even more of licorice than the Obsello, and I can definitely taste the anice too, it's also a lot more to my liking. A good bit more spicy, I think, than the Obsello. Only went half half with the Vieux, and 1:4 and 1:3 on my two tries of the Obsello. So maybe less water or none at all is the key for me, even though the Vieux has a better aroma out of the bottle than the Obsello, even with the strong liquorish scent. The Obsello really did remind me of watered down cough medicine. Still, will give it many more chances. Maybe I'm just getting use to the licorice now and starting to like it. So, I definitely liking the Vieux more and more with each sip, and can see myself always having a bottle on hand. The Obsello, I think the licorice was just unusual on my tongue, and that I used too much water, so I will try it again in the next few days with a more open mind (and taste ). Edit- Should also mention my dad loved the Obsello. He finished the second glass for me, so at least it didn't go to waste. He compared it to cough medicine and licorice too, but he enjoyed it. So maybe it's just my palette...
  4. Heh, you're right. Checked it with my dictionary, but I knew it sounded off. I learned that lesson the hard way...
  5. Thanks all. Heh, it's the man in the maze, a belief of the Pimas in Arizona. Though I'm not inverse to pottery, or pot. And my bottles should be here next week. There's a store near me that sells Lucid, but I'm forcing myself to wait... Wait... Wait... waiting... Yeah, patience isn't one of my attributes.
  6. Hmm, delve in... *dive* works better, I think. Thanks for the welcome everyone.
  7. Thanks for the welcome all. Heh, I hope so. Can't wait to delve in.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Obsello and Vieux Carre, since both seemed highly recommended around these parts, especially for beginners (thanks Ron).
  9. Hey all, I'm Dragon. I haven't yet tried absinthe (waiting on my package), but a friend in California recommended it to me, and after reading up on it (thanks for this site), I decided to order a couple of bottles myself. Anyway, glad to be here.