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  1. Yeah, Corsair is definitely on the agenda, but as you suggested I plan on trying more traditional varieties first. I actually haven't found it locally yet. You'd think it would be all over the state being produced here. Of course I haven't actually "looked" for it, or asked for it. If I run into it somewhere I'll more than likely dive right in. We'll see though.
  2. I'm probably going to finish off this bottle of Lucid tonight. I just hope my Pacifique arrives before I go into absinthe withdrawal. Maybe I'll stretch it out, and try to make it last. We'll see...
  3. Okay, here's an update. My birthday is coming up this Saturday, and I'm definitely going to be celebrating with a new absinthe (though not exactly on the day, just whenever it arrives), as I've decided to mail order through DUNY. Anyway, after some research, some youtube, and reading reviews and throughout the forums, I've narrowed it down to either Obsello of Pacifique (unless something changes, don't hold me to it). And I really can't decide. On the one hand, the Obsello is about 20 bucks cheaper. But the Pacifique seems to have one hell of a reputation. But then there's still the Duplais... Jesus! I'm like a kid in a candy store!
  4. Of course Absinthe is more than just alcohol. There's water in there. Some herbs... Haha, seriously though. As far as I'm concerned, what makes Absinthe special and/or different is the ritual, the experience. Watching that glass louche up is really something. It's nothing supernatural, and it's nothing magic(k)al at all. It's just fun. It's seductive to watch. It tastes great. And that's good enough for me.
  5. Had a glass of Lucid tonight... as it's still all I have... but I seem to love it more with each glass. I added more water tonight than I usually do. It definitely brought out nuances I hadn't noticed before. Or maybe I'm just getting better at discerning these things. I really can't wait to buy a different brand, and finally get the chance to compare it with something. Well, here's to one more glass!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm definitely going to add Ridge Verte to that list, and I had completely forgotten about the Delaware Phoenix stuff, so there's another choice. It looks like it's going to be quite an interesting ride!
  7. Thanks for the quick replies! I'll more than likely end up getting the Vieux Carre next, since it's the most accessible right now, and it seems to be well liked. I guess it doesn't matter too much. I mean, as long as I use the reviews here as a reference, I can't really go wrong. I just wish I wasn't so poor. I'd get out and buy 'em all!
  8. I know I haven't been very active around here, so please accept my deepest, and most insincere apologies. Anyway, I've been drinking this Lucid for quite a while now. I know I originally planned on getting one of the Rue Verte samplers, but plans are often meant to change. I love the Lucid, but I do plan (there's that word again) on soon graduating to the next level of absinthe greatness. The Liquor Barn in Lexington, a good 2 hour drive, carries Vieux Carre, so I'm definitely considering making the trip to pick some up. On the other hand, the mail order route definitely offers a wider selection. What do you guys recommend as a good step up from Lucid? My short list includes: The Vieux Carre Obsello Duplais Verte Mansinthe Of course all suggestions are appreciated. Come to think of it, my birthday's next month. I need to start dropping some hints around the house.
  9. Just to update this thread, I was at the Liquor barn today in Lexington, and they now carry the following brands: Lucid Kübler Absente Pernod Vieux Carre
  10. I just emailed the link to you peridot. Let me know if there any problems, or if I need to make any changes to it.
  11. Okay I'm finally finishing mine up. Vocals are down, and everything suits me. I just need to bounce it all down and get it to you. I'll let you know...
  12. I'm about 97% finished with my submission. I will make the deadline. I'm trying to juggle it with work and school.
  13. Haha, sorry about that. My bad. I see it now.
  14. I love that cover! I'm making good progress on my track. I'm definitely gonna make that deadline. I've got the basic structure down... now it's vocals, some bells and whistles, and the arrangement. For those who think absinthe is a drug, I assure them that when the absinthe doesn't make them trip, this song will. haha. BTW Peridot, any special guidelines for the tracks to make mastering less of a headache? Anything you specifically want us to do or not do? i.e. regrading loudness, compression, limiting etc? How much headroom are you gonna need?
  15. Nice. I live in the middle of nowhere. A little more than 2 hours (when driving the speed limit ) south/southeast of lexington. Right smackdab on the KY/VA/TN border. I'm also surrounded by dry counties. (So no wild turkey. But all the moonshine you can drink! Heyo!) ...oh and weed too... Mostly weed.
  16. Hey Kalleo, what part of KY do you live in to have such a wide selection locally? I live in the southeast and I've found nothing. Where do you do most of your absinthe shopping? I know there's the party source way up north, but that's quite far for me to go just for absinthe.
  17. I am so all about this! Any room for an industrial track on this compilation?
  18. Okay, so full bottle of Pernod Fills 1910... for... Absomphe. Check. Anyone else?
  19. Did somebody say sex? Have you seen 2 girls one absinthe glass?
  20. I can't wait for the new album. It's supposed to come out sometime in August, I think. It's been ready for almost a year now, but delays have kept pushing it back (record label woes or something). It's called In Solvent See. I've been looking forward to it for quite some time now. You may already know all that... a heads up just in case though.
  21. When I first read this I wasn't sure what you were talking about... but I just finished reading this thread. I assume this is the situation you were referring to. I had no idea this was going on. I'm thinking now I might opt for the Blanchette, or Duplais Blanche, in place of the Clandestine. It's not much, of course, just a matter more of principle than anything else.
  22. Haha hell yeah! Skinny Puppy owns it! I'm glad someone got the reference.