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  1. Well I credit the site to much of my research and to my knowledge of absinthe. Any of my friends who have any curiousities about absinthe I send them here. Further more I did have a dose of the stuff and it was very good. A bit complex for my palette, but I'm sure some more sipping on it will change that very quickly.
  2. Great fountain, and pottery barn usually has quality stuff. So why not get the fountain?
  3. Wow it is so great to get all of these responses. I was just torn between Pacifique, Obsello, or the bottle of V.C. sorry can't spell that well in French. German is more my speed. Thanks again everyone!
  4. My only question why would anyone want to get that stuff? Beer is supposed to be enjoyable not an issue of how strong you can make it. That just seems gross, the whole roadkill casing seems to be very cool!
  5. I finally broke down and purchased my first proper bottle of absinthe. I decided to go w/ Pacifique and I bought it from Astor wines due to some site issues. It was actually a bit cheaper on Astor wines then on DUNY. Just waiting on my bottle to get here. Hopefully soon!
  6. DUNY and Astor wines is great places to start I think if you are looking for a cheaper but good absinthe I would say Obsello because it is only 44 bucks. So it depends what you are willing to spend.
  7. My next question is why would anyone want to drink it? I mean the people who actually care about absinthe why would they even give that Fenom a go?
  8. I have learned that some liquors don't age well, from what the board is saying the Jade should be alright. However I would invest in the vacuwine stuff if that is the same thing as a t cork.
  9. I figure if you are taking absinthe camping you would still bring along all of the fixing but now you don't have to!
  10. Nice I might want to try a glass of the St. George in the future. I don't know if I will spend the cash to get the bottle though. Decisions decisions.
  11. At my local record shop they have Absinthe token gifts such as gum, mints, etc. Pretty funny that some companies are pushing the whole false views on Absinthe causing hallucinations.
  12. I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth!
  13. I will say this the Captain Morgan is a cheaper start on spiced rums. I really enjoy Saliors much better than Capts, plus it has more flavor and kick than the Morgan. Furthermore I will say that Capt Morgan isn't terrible. I will say that Saliors is very rough on the rocks but it isn't terrible.
  14. Thanks everyone I got to start taking notes to get some good rums. The Goslings Black seal rum sounded but you never know till you buy a bottle. I got to try it soon.