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  1. Yeah, it was quite an easy day once I got home and started the ice water drip. Berthe de Joux and Meadow of Love are easily two of my favorites... I fell asleep quite easily. Think I'm gonna bust out some PF 1901 tonight and give it another try... hopefully some air took out some of the "off" taste I perceived in my first few tries.
  2. Started with a glass of Berthe de Joux then moved on to Meadow of Love... tough day at work.
  3. To me, the wormwood really comes forward in the flavor and aroma of Berthe de Joux. It's the strongest in that department of all the absinthes I've had the pleasure of trying. I wouldn't describe it as "a garbage can full of wet grass" though. That being said, I'm glad it wasn't my first taste of quality absinthe. That distinction goes to Pacifique, and for me it still is the perfect blend of all the characteristics that I find appealing in absinthe. Berthe de Joux is really incredible though. Perhaps you should go for the American distilleries Big Mike, try Pacifique, Walton Waters, and Meadow of Love... and if you don't like those. perhaps absinthe isn't your cup of tea.
  4. If I were you, I would look into some of the American micro-brewery absinthe makers... like Pacifique or Delaware Phoenix... honestly they make absinthe which rivals the best of the best from Europe. I've had the Jade Pf1901 and at 90 dollars a pop, it really isn't any better than Pacifique or Meadow of Love. In fact, I like the American ones better... a lot better, and the cost is much less. ~Andrew
  5. I accidentally joined in on this, by having a glass of Berthe de Joux and Meadow of love in the last hour.... feeling good. Congrats on your first absinthe taste. ~Andrew
  6. I just ordered 2 bottles of Berthe de Joux and I am patiently awaiting their arrival so I can see what all the fuss is about. I hold the reviews on this website very seriously in my mind, as I have agreed with the majority of them with each new absinthe I try. If that remains the case, then I should be in for quite a treat when they arrive in the mail. And as for the wax problem, I usually just heat up a knife and slice through that way... I've never had any problems doing so. Just my dirty two cents.
  7. Just finished a glass of Meadow of Love, simply a beautiful absinthe all around. 3:1 with a little sugar and my taste buds were swimming in the savory notes of heaven. Contemplating finishing off the last drops of my first bottle of Pacifique as well, since I have a new one which I just cracked open to breathe a few days ago... yes it was a tough day at work.
  8. I usually sit back and play my guitar. There is something so relaxing about coming home from a long days work, sipping on my favorite absinthe, and jamming to Meshuggah songs on guitar.
  9. Having a glass of Jack Daniels Single Barrel that I picked up over the weekend. Tasty stuff if you ask me. I bought a bottle of Meadow of Love about two weeks ago and I must say that it is an incredible absinthe. Though I'm not sure if it beats Pacifique in my mind, but there more than enough room at the top!
  10. Welcome Mike... enjoy the world of absinthe. If you're looking for a cheaper, but still relatively good absinthe, I'd recommend a bottle of Kübler. It's 1 liter, instead of 750ml, and it runs at least 10 bucks cheaper than the other mass distributed absinthe brands.
  11. I'm not real savvy with computers and I don't have a digital camera, I'm all about real film... so imagine if you will.... A desk... a glass.... a spoon... sugar cubes.... and bottles of Pacifique, Kübler, and (practically full) Lucid. I love seeing all your stashes (and 'staches) by the way. Makes me want to purchase more and more. A+ topic.
  12. Made a batch of Blue Hawaiians last night with the lady. After she passed out I released the Kraken. Good God is that stuff potent. Looking forward to having a few glasses of Pacifique this evening to get in the mood to sleep early. Still adjusting to my new job.