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  1. yall just dont know!!! when you go to some country where everything is legal. Carribean Islands, Amersterdam, etc. and experience the REAL DEAL. Then talk to me. and some absinthes do contain salvia!! they sell it at goodygoody liqour store!!! why do idiots reply!! please know what your talking about first.
  2. @ seeker of truth. I didnt straight up hallucinate, it just made things a little different. similar to the effects of thc, but a little different. I do know that some bottles contain salvia, it may have been the combination of herbs.
  3. Yes, Absinthe in Aruba. Tabu, but the bottle was more rectangular unlike the more oval shaped bottles you find around here. P.s. I read ALL of that, and regardless of what it says, those are just words. I know what i experienced and 2 shots is all it took. And my friends know what they experienced and 2 shots is all it took. And no, it wasn't laced, the bottle was sealed. And i have experienced everything there is to experience, Absinthe is the only explanation.
  4. Hello, my name is anthony. Im from Texas, and it has been difficult finding quality absinthe here. My first bottle was amazing, I was on vacation in Aruba and a street vendor sold me a premixed bottle for $50 and it was like no alcoholic beverage I had ever experienced. The effects were similar to those represented in the movies. Since then, I have tried paying lots of money to order online, and tried a bottle from the states; however, I have not been satisfied with them. I have researched the laws as best as i can using the internet and it looks like the bottles i get here just dont have high enough concentration of thj. I have read that in Alberta or BC (in Canada) you can get the real deal? i have a friend down there and shes tellin me its hard to find but i have a feeling shes just screwin around and not really looking. Does anyone know where i can find a bottle comparable to the one i had in Aruba? You would be my savior