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  1. Hmmm, well in that case I'll have to allocate part of my absinthe budget to plane fare to Montana...
  2. Actually Joe, I've just moved home to Boston, and MA is a pain when it comes to liquor. But it's great to hear that things are going well for you! When I come into some $$$ I'll drop you a line and see if we can work something out!
  3. Great articles Joe! Out of curiosity, is there any chance of your stuff being available outside of Montana, perhaps through an online vendor? I'm a pretty poor guy at the moment, but going forward I'd certainly want to show support for your work and nab a bottle or two, particularly of the absinthe, of course.
  4. The Criterion DVD's can be awesome. Most of my Kurosawa stuff is from Criterion, and they often have some very interesting special features that are otherwise impossible to find, like interviews from the 50's and 60's from Kurosawa or Mifune. They do a good job with picture and sound quality as well. Congrats on the purchase!
  5. For what it's worth, and it's not much, since I have a VERY limited experience with absinthe, I have a 2009 bottling of NO, which I opened in May of this year. On my first glass I though that it was good, but maybe not worth the $100. After being open for 3 months the taste has definitely changed, and I think the price is much more reasonable. The spices have really opened up, and there's certainly no "funk". I would be really interested to see any proof that my bottle is in any way inferior, as I really think it's a pretty amazing spirit. As it is, I'll watch this space 'cause of the interesting debate, but I'll probably be acquiring the rest of the Jade line ASAP.
  6. I'm a man of simple tastes, so I'm going with the regular Jameson tonight. Neat with a sprinkle of water. Though last night I had some Clandestine.
  7. You guys have me interested. In other news, my Jameson collection is almost complete. I'm on a limited budget, so I'm not going for any old stuff they don't make anymore, nor the Vintage bottles. $250 is a tad steep for a single bottle of anything. I've got the regular stuff, the 12 yr., the 18yr., the Gold Label., and the Distillery Reserve (a gift). I'm still looking for the Signature Reserve, but they only sell it in duty-free shops at airports, and I don't fly that often... oh well.
  8. Heh, maybe I will. But then, I enjoyed it so much, I'm not sure I could bear to add anything to it. I daresay it would detract from the experience! Hmmm... but now you have me thinking...
  9. Hey all. I finally managed to find a bottle of Red Breast 12yr. Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey. I had been wanting to try it for awhile, and now I'm very happy I dropped the $$$ on a bottle. I think it's fantastic. It's a little more robust than your 12yr. Jameson, but very similar sweetness. Definitely needs a drop or 2 of water to open up. Anyone else a fan?
  10. Sigh. I had a glass of N-O last night. The thought of giving it notes of burnt marshmallow... I don't know. I think I'll go cry now.
  11. Oh my. Since we can't talk about politics or religion, can we talk about the dangers of folk etymologies that have no basis in real philology? Surely a much more dangerous evil than this terrible "absinthe" that the blogger is talking about...
  12. Mmm, whiskey is definitely my favorite spirit. Absinthe is a VERY close 2nd, but I've had a love affair with Irish whiskey since I was a wee laddie. I have a Jameson Distillery Reserve with my name engraved on the bottle. I won't be opening that until a VERY special occasion comes along. It's a blend of 3 pot-still whiskeys. The Jameson's pot-still is almost impossible to get in the States (I think). My bro picked it up on a vacation to Ireland. Good bro.
  13. Quoted from the page Ron referenced: "Our range of REAL ABSINTHE ORIGINAL is made from 100% wormwood..." Must taste like Absinthe without anise would be, something else...
  14. Yodels! I hope I have that many tastes by the time a year rolls around! Welcome to WS!
  15. Hey all, I've been wanting to try Vieux Carre since I first started reading the forums here, but the local absinthe vendor was sold out for 3 months... until this week. I noticed that they carry Vieux Carre at full price for $55 for 750ml. 750ml of Lucid, on the other hand, is $61. Is this usual, or is this a price that I should be jumping out of my skin for? My problem is that money is an issue, so I would rather hold off on buying more absinthe until I have some. However, if this is an exceptional price for VC (which is generally reviewed favorably compared to Lucid) that I may not be able to find elsewhere, I may be able to find enough pennies under the couch to spring for a bottle immediately. Any thoughts? Note: I compare to Lucid because it is a respectable verte, has a moderate $/ml, and is ubiquitous. Thanks in advance!
  16. The only verifiable fact in this thread. Drink up!
  17. Heh. The wife bought a new, state-of-the-art, fancy ass, uber-corkscrew. It runs on deisel and jellybeans. I'm not sure why our old one was so bad. It opened things. The new one destroys them. I've always liked the ones that come on swiss-army knives. It's a metal screw. You twist it. You pull the cork out. Simple. I prefer it to the ones where you have to issue commands to it using close-harmony singing in Klingon.
  18. You, sir, are some kind of sorcerer! Much obliged.
  19. I just wasn't sure if absinthe can become "corked" like wine. If not, then great, I have no problem with a little residue left over from my own clumsiness.
  20. Heh, ok I have a Jade emergency. I splurged on a bottle of Nouvelle Orleans, since it's the only Jade within driving distance. Now, I know I'm a bad person for picking NO as my first Jade, and I apologize, but I have bigger worries. In an extreme case of no beginner's luck, my cork got shredded by a crappy screw, and ended up in the drink in many small pieces. I strained the NE out of the bottle into a decanter. Using the plastic bag trick linked above, I managed to get the bulk of the cork out, and rinsed all the little pieces away. The problem now is two-fold (man I feel like I've committed some sort of crime). 1.) how do I get it back into the bottle? Mouth of the decanter is larger than the mouth of the bottle. Hmmm, isn't this what funnels are made for? 2.) Is there anything I can do about the tiny, almost microscopic, pieces of cork that went through the strainer? Or have I just skunked a $100 bottle of booze? Help! For what it's worth, the NO is fantastic. I really get what people mean by a good winter drink. Very bitter and a bit spicy! (God I hope I haven't ruined it!)
  21. I think this is very true, especially considering the rather small price range (which you already mentioned) between mediocre and fantastic brands of absinthe as opposed to some other spirits. For some people, though, and I include myself foremost among this group, every penny helps in a tough economy. I'm still glad I paid $60 for Lucid instead of $80 for a slightly/much better brand. Even though in the end it turned out I would have liked and appreciated the fancier stuff even more despite having no absinthe background, I still prefer to make the safer economic choice. Of course, this raises the question: why buy a spirit to begin with instead of not spending any money at all? I can't articulate an answer, but I'm sure most people here don't need me to!
  22. The info in these here forums helped me pick Lucid as my first absinthe. I'm very glad, although I daresay my wallet is less so... From what I hear, Obsello is great, but I'm glad I was introduced to something that is more representative of absinthe as a whole.
  23. That was much later. This is an early representation.
  24. A glass of La Clandestine while watching the USA try to sneak one past the Czech Rep. Gotta have the roster all straightened out so we can concentrate on tripping up the English on June 12!!! Go U.S.A.! Come to think of it, maybe I'll have one during each half...