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  1. Thanks everyone! I'm impressed by the knowledge and maturity of this forum, I have to say. Well, I've just purchased some 'Absinthe Edouard 72' on the advice of Hiram and others of you. – Hopefully this should suit my end-of-party needs better. I’ll use the King as an expensive rugby boots cleaner then Thanks for your advice on potency too.... I will be sure to take care when drinking. Mind you, us over in the UK tend to start drinking properly between 16-18 (18 being legal drinking age) so I have a few years on the 22 year old yank equivalent. heh - I'm a navy rum and bitter man at heart Thanks again, Ian (Fazza)
  2. Good morning everyone! I'm a newbie as you may already have guessed, this being my first post and only having sampled the delights of cheap supermarket tat. Looks like I've been put into the 'Conned idiot looking for a new high' bracket as I've just purchased some Absinthe King Gold. Now before you start flaming and laughing at me , is anyone able to answer a couple of questions for me?..... 1) Is the Absinthe King Gold really *that* bad? - Bearing in mind that its too late to stop the order, so go gentle on me. 2) If money is no object and I'm not looking for massivly high wormwood/alcohol percentage just for the sake of it.... what would be the best bottle for taste and enjoyment you can suggest for a special xmas party? Thankyou for your time and patience. - Fazza