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  1. I wouldn't mind having a Captain Jack Sparrow spoon.
  2. OOhhh...now I'm really excited about trying it!! Thank you!
  3. Thanks!!!!I want to buy Jade's Edouard, but I will wait on that one for the future. So, I might try La Clandestine. What do you recommend?
  4. Thanks guys! I loved my first bottle. It didn't stick around long. Oh, no oil in sight as of yet, I'm hoping they get a cap on that thing!
  5. I'm from just outside Tampa. How did you like it here?
  6. Ah ha! Thanks, Ron. I appreciate the help. Cheers!!!!
  7. Thanks so much!!! This place is great! So much to learn! Hmmm...I wonder why my photo is not showing...can you see me???
  8. I just started lurking here and I thought,"What the heck", I should say, hello." Just finished off my first bottle of absinthe, I was recommended, Lucid, and I rather liked it. But now it's gone and I'm ready to dive into something else...I'm hooked. This site is a wealth of information and I look forward to maybe chatting with more of you in the future. ~Halah