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  1. I was also going to mention this here. Yea it did look like Ted from the commercial I have been seeing.
  2. okay seriously everyone i was just drinking and fucking around and being a dick. i have NO problems with any of you and especially not with brian. i was just being a drunk asshole. afterall...i spent the day at "goatmans bridge" and have not felt right since!
  3. If by faggot, you mean hospitable, knowledgable amateur mixologist who is happily married to a beautiful woman, and who's always willing to mix up a drink for a visitor, then I'll wear that badge. And if you mean homosexual, then you need to learn to be a bit more respectful. Just STOP it! I am obviously not as amazing as you.
  4. sounding like a fucking asshole! who the FUCK do you think you are>??
  5. Hell yeah! I fully expect any experienced absinthe drinker to explain why they didn't like an absinthe or any other herbal booze in morebetter detail than it's fuckingpatheticsucks. But that's just me...what the hell do I know? Dont be a fucking dick
  6. It sounds like I am angry and have a tendency to over-dramatize? You are kind of a prick. get it?
  7. Really? It doesnt louche, and it tastes horrible. There is no reason they should have tried to bring back the "original" recipe. It fucking sucks!
  8. Umm Brian, I dont give a SHIT how long you have been drinking absinthe. The bottle I purchased was dark in color, and does not really louche. You can question "credibility" as if that had anything to do with it, all you want. HERBSAINT is SHIT! I am an experienced absinthe drinker and this is a PATHETIC excuse for a substitute. So rock on dude
  9. Luscious Oily Lesbians! yea it clearly states on the bottle that it is colored. It tastes terrible and does not even REALLY louche. Pathetic. DO NOT ever waste your money on something so shitty.