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  1. Actually, the sugar and the coaster I already had. She also baked me a cake and took me out to dinner... I met another guy who had the same birthday as me. We placed a bet. I won. His birthday is now on the 12th... Been drink'n. Hate the show Lost.
  2. Not to mention, it comes with a free spoon! Not a big deal for most but considering that I only have one other spoon ((the one that comes with La Fee (which is nice enough, but it does say "La Fee" on it)), I appreciated it. EDIT: And with that, I am no longer labeled a "Neophyte." That makes me happier than it really should...
  3. I didn't really want to say anything before (being new and all), but I don't find the La Charlotte to be nearly as objectionable as the reviews on the main site would suggest. In fact, I kind of like it. Considering that I just tacked it on to one of my orders so that I would qualify for free shipping, I'm pretty happy with it.
  4. 10-4 on that! The MoL... I don't know what to say. Its the Pop-Rocks candy of absinthe. I almost feel bad for complaining about the color.
  5. It ain't much, but its enough to piss off my girlfriend. By the way, that 1960's Jack-in-Box... The hinge is worn down, so when you close it, it could pop out at any time. Could be a few minutes, could be a week. I have a friend who is terrified of it. Whenever she comes over, I close it up and sit it on the table in front of her... Looks a bit like Absomphe.
  6. I am sipping on the MoL right now (which was preceded by a glass of Kübler and a glass of WW)... Suddenly this has become a non-issue.
  7. I personally sugar everything except my Obsello and my VC. Particularly the Obsello. Maybe its my stunted smoker's taste buds, but the Obsello really doesn't taste that much different to me with sugar. To me, Obsello with sugar at 3:1 tastes roughly like Obsello with no sugar at 4:1. I'm not saying that I can't tell the difference, but I'll take the extra 1/4 of a glass...
  8. I got them from Catskill. Could heat have caused it? Its in the 90s here, and who knows what that makes the temperature in the back of a UPS truck. I also got a bottle of Pacifique from DUNY today, but I haven't opened it yet. The WW is batch 10-6 and the MoL is batch 10-7. Heres a pic:
  9. My WW and MoL came in while I was on my lunch break, so I haven't gotten to try them yet. I did however get to open the box and take a look, and I am a little disappointed. They aren't green at all. They are amber. I know (from reading this forum) that it doesn't really affect the taste, but I was looking forward to seeing that nice deep green color that I see in all of the pictures and that everyone talks about.
  10. Hi! Hope you aren't near the impending oil slick..
  11. I hadn't previously heard about that, but after I read your post I looked it up. They buried Mustard Gas in glass jars? I understand that those were different times, but I can't imagine it ever being acceptable to bury neurotoxins in breakable containers. I have a lot of friends in Oregon, and that is exactly the kind of sight seeing that I appreciate... At least you know where they are though.
  12. On a semi-related note, in Alabama there is a city called Anniston in which the residents are all issued gas masks. Anniston used to be the site of the Ft. McClellan Army base. The official reason for the distribution of the masks is that the Army periodically does controlled burns of their left over stock piles of nerve gas, and the masks are just a precaution. However, according to several people who were stationed there around WWII, the Army buried hundreds of barrels of chemical weapons around the city but did not keep records on all of it. So, there are stockpiles of Mustard Gas and various other nerve agents just waiting... in corroding barrels... I don't live there, but I have often wondered how long after having a baby is it issued a mask... Also, Anniston is the home of the 2nd largest office chair in the world.
  13. I've been using the Domino Dots for a while. The trick for me is to put a couple of drops of water on the cube and let it sit for about a minute. The cube starts dissolving and flattening out on its own. After that, it dissolves pretty quickly when I start pouring.
  14. Alabama... We don't have "cities" here.
  15. Thanks fellers! You guys are seriously a lot of help.
  16. I am finding myself reaching for my bottle of Obsello more than anything else. The price definitely makes this a relatively guilt free daily drinker. I'm pretty sure that I'll be ordering several more bottles. The wax really is a bastard though. I did such a pitiful job of unwrapping that I had to go after it with a razor blade and a micro precision screwdriver. Now, the cork in combination with the wax that is left looks very much like Darth Vader's helmet. That being said though, I wouldn't change the wax... It's classy.
  17. Besides, if I took that approach, I would still be trying to get through bottles of La Fee and La Charlotte.
  18. That is probably the sensible approach. I'm sure that I will eventually decide on a few brands as my favorites and buy primarily those, but right now, I like comparing them.
  19. I learned early on to let folks sample my glass before pouring them their own. "Well I'll dink it then! Here's a Bud Light..." -Me