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  1. Must be some sort of planetary alignment tonight. Walton Waters, Batch #10-8, Bottle #1
  2. Okay, so our order of the Hannisville Rye finally arrived Friday, July 20, 2012. Nice stuff. There's nothing sophisticated or like for me to say that would add anything to the tasting notes provided on the F&R website. However, Jimminy Crickets! We're talking about tasting history here! The experience is worth the price of admission.
  3. Update: I received a reply to my inquiries today, complete with apology and a promise to investigate how my order inquiries fell off the radar, and for further follow-up tomorrow.
  4. Thanks Brian. I assume you were meaning to refer me to the recommended vendors list. I see Oxygenee is only there for accessories. C'est la vie! I'll give them another week to reply or produce (although, by then the occasion for which this was ordered will have passed) before I start fraud proceedings. And also, my apologies: I really did not mean to pop in just to kvetch, but was hoping to learn of some legitimate cause for the lack of communication.
  5. I placed an order, but arrival is overdue, and I receive no reply to my email inquiries. Has anyone else had issues with this company? I was given to understand they were of high repute. Is there some reason recent orders would have been delayed, and inquiries ignored?
  6. Circumstances force me to part with this. Would prefer a local buyer, but am willing to discuss shipping. Shipping costs to be paid by the buyer. For the sake of the members of this forum associated with the ATF, TTB, ETC.: for sale is an unopened, collectible bottle. Proper disposal of the contents is left to the discretion of the purchaser. Bottle is labeled as bottled 10/08 Edit: Doh! Forgot to mention price! I need to recoup my expense of $90. In the spirit of full disclosure, K&L still lists 13 bottles in stock at $79.99 - if you live in one of the states to which they will ship spirits (K&L won't ship spirits to Oregon).