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  1. I really like Vieux Pontarlier, more so, I like to say it with a thick French accent. Vieux Pontarlier, Vieux Pontarlier! I personally prefer the buttery taste I get from Mansinthe which I believe is also made by Tempus Fugit Spirits.
  2. In Jacksonville, FL. My Marteau's will be here tomorrow. Life is good.
  3. I know, it is becoming my favorite thing to photograph.
  4. My pleasure. I'm sure everyone at Maison Premiere was as kind to you as they were to us. I can't wait for my next opportunity to visit. That is an excellent adventure, Ron Gallant. Thank you for sharing it with us. Joe, the service was impeccable. However, after three absinthe, I wasn't. I so wanted a picture by the fountain. The guy I asked said I couldn't go behind the bar. It was some rule. I gave him a hard time over it. All in good fun. I still got one, but from outside the bar. Oh well. HA HA
  5. Well I made a couple. I have some good friends that make some amazing knives. I love custom knives. Lots to learn and keep me interested. I just moved from the house into an apartment so my workshop is on hold for a while.
  6. Survived my first trip to New York. It was a very enjoyable experience thanks to all of you here and my girlfriend Deeann. I had lots to say so I opted to post it on my blog. No, I am not popular. No I make no money. Yes, I like to think I am a blogger. Absinthe Tour 2012, NYC Special thanks to: Joe Legate for suggesting Maison Premiere crow for suggesting PDT. (Yes I believe you now) everyone else on the forum for being awesome! Original Post
  7. Here is mine. A Christmas present.
  8. Thank you sir. Expect more. That was done with my iPhone. Luscious Oily Lesbians! I will be taking out my SLR and 1:1 macro soon.
  9. I am always op to learning. Send me a bottle of your favorites. I will let you know what I like.
  10. I had a glass of St. George's Saturday and thought of all of you. Snobs...
  11. Had to add another photo. A little Photoshop flair.
  12. Of course, I LOVE St. George, so my palette may not be quite the same as many here.
  13. I love Kübler, but it does need a much lower ratio to get all the nuances. Also sugar seems to hinder the taste in my observation. It is a very delicate drink.
  14. I have to admit, for what I can but at the local store, Mansinthe is my go to. That and Kübler.
  15. These fountains are so beautiful. Adds to the experience for sure.
  16. Enjoying a nice drink with my significant other and enjoying our new fountain. Good times.