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Got my first taste of (fake) absinthe maybe some years ago. I drank 2 bottles of Absinte one night with a friend. This peaked my interest and I wanted something more authentic. I went online and bought some "REAL" absinthe. It was a kit that I mixed with grain alcohol and sugar. They made some outrageous claims about the effects of wormwood. It louched and I actually enjoyed the licorice taste.

Later, I found Lucid at the local liquor store. I learned to louche it from a video in YouTube. It came out way to strong but I was doing it the right way now...NOT. Anyways, I actually did start to enjoy the more floral flavors of a distilled absinthe.
Then came St. George.... Wow.
Then came all the rest. And it has been a great journey. I did a great tour of absinthe bars in New York, NY where I was able to try some of the best available in the US at the time.


I still love St. George but there are so many great absinthes out there. Wake up USA, let them all in and we will weed out the bad ones.