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  1. The Orb featuring David Gilmour-Metallic Spheres...con Duplais Verte.
  2. You're right! I should be! What was thinking?
  3. The Born Losers, circa 1969. The first movie in The Complete Billy Jack collection, Dvd set. With Duplais and Obsello to follow .
  4. LTV & coke. Hey, I had to do something with this stuff.
  5. Absinthe has entered the mainstream, with a new Avon fragrance "Absinthe". One of ladies at work had sample and it smelled great, though not necessarily anise based, but very nice. Very cool bottle too! No I'm not an Avon rep!
  6. Is Kübler more of a marginal absinthe brand? I was the idiot that bought the bottle of Green Fairy absinthe, and sort of thought I'd redeemed myself when I found and got the Kübler. Which btw, I happen to like.
  7. First of all, I searched this forum before I bought it, and didn't find anything! I googled it, and believe it or not, found some positive reviews. I'm not looking for any hand-holding, but a thread for the neophytes on what NOT to buy, would be very helpful! Such as many of the points that were brought up here. I do appreciate the link that Joe provided! Looks like I'll need to order online, to avoid the prevalence of bogus absinthe that is showing up in stores!
  8. Thats what I thought!! Dammit!! I should of wadded up dollar bills and had fun tossing them off a bridge!! Would I do any better with Pernod that a store has, or maybe I need to start ordering from vendors here.
  9. Trying to find Absinthe locally, I picked up a bottle of Czech absinthe - Green Fairy. Another brilliant move along with Le Tourment Vert, La Muse Vert (sp?). Unfortunately is this the same thing that is wrong with these Czech offerings? For one, there is absolutely no louche. It has that artificial neon blue/green color and of course instructions for the "traditional" flaming sugar cube. Anyway, it would be great if someone qualified whose tried this, could review it, to save newbs like myself! Am I being too hard on this particular Absinthe or is really just swill?
  10. Got it! It took forever, but the bottle of Oliva made it. One good thing while waiting, I found the WS forum, got educated about Absinthe, and bought a bottle of Lucid locally. So, by the time it arrived, I now have an absinthe fountain and got the "louching" down. I only think I found one review of Oliva here, and it was much maligned. Even though I'm a noob, I must disagree. A most beautiful opalescence after the loosh. All in all, worth the wait! Salute!
  11. Hiya Scuto! I have an update! Just received email from Green Fairy Co. in the Czech Republic. Order was returned from customs and had to be re-sent. It just passed some 3 months after originally ordered. So.. I'm getting my Oliva!
  12. Yes, my second attempt was much better. Used ice cold spring water. Slowly dripped this time. I was completely enraptured by the ritual. Beautiful, fascinating, and fragrant. Almost didn't need to drink it. Absolutely loved it!! You've described it perfectly. Thanks for the insights and tips.
  13. What a difference a day makes! I found a local grocery/liquour store chain, that carries 2 kinds of Absinthe. I picked up a bottle of Lucid, and now can proudly say, I have been initiated! Unfortunately, didn't have a proper spoon. I used a serving fork, and the sugar cube disolved too quickly. Really didn't get the "louching" thing down. Can't wait to work on that! Overall, a great experience! Thanks everyone!