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  1. Your trade is greatly accepted and appreciated.
  2. Also considering trades, any Jade except the N.O. and will consider what you have. Make a trade offer and don't worry about the cost, it's just a trade.
  3. I have a bottle of the 2014 available $100 + shipping, hey at least it's here in the States and not shipping from the EU.
  4. To answer Fingerpickinblue's question about changing distillers at EP, no they have not, Dominique has been there a very, very, very long time. The problem is that Oxy's group is no longer managing the distillery. Dominique is the manager and distiller now with no direct oversight. Most of the brands that you know from EP are not sold anymore at the distillery, there is I think only four being sold at the distillery, the rest are sold to the other distributors in Europe for resale.
  5. I can understand people not liking BdJ, when it was first released many thought it was awesome but now not finding anything special about it, also there could be a few bad batches out there, after all it is made at Pernot, known for making bad batches lately.
  6. It was originally made in 2007 and released in 2008 so this is not the first batch, this is a batch that was made in 2010 and then during the summer of that year the decision to barrel age it was made. Luckily I was there at the time, getting to see the basement area where all the absinthe is stored for some time before bottling. As far as being a bit pricey, it is. Is it worth the money ? that is something to be decided you the consumer. Remember the distillery has gone without getting paid for this batch until now and there is a cost to that. I do not think it is a big gamble because of some recent batches, don't think of bottles you may have gotten burned on, think of the bottles of the past that were really good and now it's better.
  7. I just finished a sample of it. This is what Roquette should be, I loved it when it was new, it was my favorite at the time but the quality slipped and I was critical to those that had a connection to the distillery. This early batch is everything I could hope for, everything that I remember from the past and now sophisticated.
  8. Funny Alan, the first thing on that list was what I had for dinner tonight. Cheers !
  9. Ah, the Kirschwasser is to the right of the absinthe bottles, I thought it was all absinthe up there.
  10. Thanks, that was just awesome, best absinthe topic here in a very long time.
  11. There was no bad translation, "seriously".
  12. Christophe Racine is referring to a variety of wormwood that was devoid of any fragrance at all, a "pharmaceutical" wormwood vs. what most of know of. He actually does have you smell both and there is a difference. So yes there might not have been any real wormwood widely available so the distillers had no choice. Why would a farmer grow something that may or may not sell ? And yes I have been there multiple times at his place and it is not the first time I have heard the story or smelled the different varieties from even older distillers in the area. And by the way he does make a really good absinthe, worth the visit.
  13. Did you choose overnight express ? They maybe sticking to the FAA rules prohibiting high abv. spirits. Retry your order using ground service and see if it gets kicked back.
  14. Try the other online shops within N.Y. they may not have absinthe on sale but a good way to find out about that crap. I thought the regs. only pertained to usps.