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  1. "Welcome to our nightmare, you bloated, pustulent pigs.'" Ha!, I'm pretty sure that was also on a label of Czechsinth I drank once!
  2. Must be a new single coming out eh? or maybe a 'best of'
  3. The Eich 68 Limitee is good, I have a bottle sitting on my coffee table now. It's the cheapest good Absinthe I can buy. There are a few other variants of Eich that are maybe not to everyones taste. Apart from the Eichelberger anomaly the rest of Deutschlands absinthes are akin to paint stripper. Eich sits about number 5 or so on my must have list.
  4. A note on the Absinthe shop and the bar across the way, I visited them recently. The shop is well stocked with everything from the worst of the worst to almost the best European Absinthes. Prices are good and the shop assistant enthusiastic friendly and helpful. However his take on what is good absinthe and his patter would probably have a lot of members here reaching for their shotguns. He knows his good absinthe but sells the questionable stuff with gusto to the unwary with phrases pertaining to alcohol and wormwood content. Despite this, I liked the guy and would of gladly spent more time with him if I'd had it. Whilst my wife and I were in the shop there came at least three young American tourists who walked away with some bad crapsinthe, largely their own fault as they had the young peoples flaw of pretending they already knew most of everything and just needed to be prodded in the crapsinthe direction before they tootled off happy in their collective ignorance. I bought a cheaply made but not entirely cheaply bought fountain (it's better than the plastic bottle nail to a tree stump that I had) and a bottle of Brevans. I was going to buy the Butterfly that was on sale but for some reason didn't. [image deleted by admin at request of subject] They have tasting evenings and seem committed to genuinely promoting their wares. NOW for the bar They had Mansinthe............and crud and the weary service of a trader that is sick to the gills of students and tourists and basically customers in general. The atmosphere was unwelcoming and not the place you'd go to sit and enjoy a genuine absinthe....did I mention the music? No? well imaging someone poking knitting needles in your ears and then kicking you in the balls, that would be more enjoyable. ps I took more pics but somehow data dumped them, there was another shelf or two stocked with decent bottles.
  5. Hello, great intro. Please posts up your thoughts on the VC when you have tried it then let it sit for a week and try it again. I only say that because every single Absinthe I've tried, regardless on how good it tasted straight after the bottle was opened, ALL tasted better a week later after the air was in the bottle and worked a bit of magic.
  6. I agree that the word 'dose' probably brings to mind drugs or medicine to a normal person and I have said before that it is a term that doesn't help the cause of promoting Absinthe as a well crafted drink. Amongst those on this site it isn't a big deal but we are already the converted.
  7. just to clarify; I said 'looking forward to the reviews' as it is an american product therefore out of my reach. I also like to read the reviews on new Absinthe. I hope this one is a great success, can't have too many great Absinthes in the world.
  8. Well, I'd say I'll be in exactly the same boat with Blues cat as with MoL so the unconnected foreigners like me will be waiting a very long time.
  9. Scott, if I'm still in Europe next October then we have a deal! that's only about 1000km's from here. A leisurely days drive. :cheers:
  10. I don't even know who Judy is, let alone trying imitate her style of drinking
  11. sch eiße oh well sad banana walks again
  12. I'm improving my collection and want to get hold of some 'Meadow of Love' (when the next batch is out) and a bottle of Joes' 'Ridge' I have sent a couple of emails away to retailers on your side of the pond but unfortunately without response. I also searched on the site here but when the search engine digs up 'Meadow' 'love' 'Europe' 'purchase' it spits out so many responses that it wasn't practical to go through it all. Any links, prods or directions? Cheers