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  1. My first glass was accompanied by Brian Eno's Music For Airports 1-1. Perfection.
  2. Far, far, from it. Thanks for all the welcomes. And I truly thought no one shipped alcohol to PA due to our lovely controlled system, I know I can't order wine ever. My next step is to find a nice set of glasses and brouilleurs, although my small hand blown white wine glass and custom made "spoon" have been serving me well so far. If anyone knows of a decently priced outlet for them with inexpensive shipping, that would be great!
  3. Hey all, I've been interested in and reading about Absinthe for a few years but the unfavorable exchange rates and high cost had kept me from jumping in until now. I live in PA so shipping alcohol is a problem too, so just recently due to the unbanning one upper-scale PA Wine and Spirits shops actually had a decent selection. I picked up a bottle of Vieux Carre due the fairly universal praise and, from what I can tell, decently high standards and attention to detail. I have been smitten! Absolutely loved it! Aside from Absinthe I'm actually very into tea and have been for over 15 years, I work with growers and vendors from China, Japan, and India to source and enjoy some of the best hand picked and processed teas in the world. I also enjoy art and create and collect everything from fine art to urban vinyl art toys. I have a lot to learn and explore and look forward to it!