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Overland Distillery was created by Joseph and Amanda Pawelski. Our name comes from the historic Overland Trail used by settlers of the West which runs near our house in Northern Colorado. Amanda's love for Absinthe stems from years studying literature and art. When she isn't making Absinthe she teaches English. Joseph's love for Absinthe stems from its illegality back in college and the questioning of authority that prompted him to make it since he couldn't buy it. When Joseph isn't making Absinthe he invents things. Joseph is the sole author of a growing number of industrial patents. Both Amanda and Joseph are big supporters of Green energy and the environment. Their latest green endeavor is a mini biofuels plant to be used in alternative energy education for a Colorado high school.


Joseph and Amanda are also very proud of their newest member of Overland Distillery, daughter Tennessee May, who spends much of her time dressed up as a Green Fairy.