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  1. Good News! Our Formula was finally approved last Monday by the TTB. I think there was a learning curve in thujone testing the TTB lab was unwilling to admit. I won't bore you with the details- but multiple submissions all had different results- same formula... Each time the TTB lab took their full 90 days - though they like to lead you on like it will happen tomorrow. Needless to say we had time to perfect things and I think you guys will really enjoy Trinity very soon. Label approval is in process- unless they say our label is somehow too psychedelic- we will be clear to sell by mid November. There will be limited quantities available online as well as several liquor stores and bars in Northern Colorado. Like our facebook page Overland Distillery if you want to be kept in the loop.
  2. Thanks for the kind words Ambear! We were friends with a bunch of people in Graphic design in college. We had a contest among them for our label design. The designer who won is doing really well now.
  3. We are in Loveland Colorado, just 10 miles South of Fort Collins
  4. There are a few Trinity Bottle concept drawings floating around the web - we've changed the design quite a lot since the first blue one. The first release will be in a very dark green bottle with a black wax seal.
  5. Greetings Everyone, We are indeed very close now. Last weekends distillation went exceedingly well. Very clean, very thick louche. I hope to have Trinity on select Colorado shelves and online in the next few months - I wish I had a firm date for everyone here, but, if there is one thing I've learned from the whole experience with the TTB its patience. We've made the best of it and perfected our recipe and process in the meantime though, so I really can't complain. If you are in Northern Colorado send us a personal message. We would be happy to show you the distillery.
  6. I appreciate all the feedback! I am sending a sample to a private lab for verification. Thanks to all of you willing to help me out- I will certainly keep you posted.
  7. I am beginning to wonder if the GC being used at the TTB lab is caibrated correctly. I've received two rejections in the last 180 days- the first was for Calmus (which is not an ingredient in my recipe)- the second was for too much Thujone, 270PPM to be exact according the the TTB lab results. This is all very interesting because the same exact formula passed without any issue prior to switching distiller's- (they make you re-submit if you change DSP's) Needless to say I am having an independent lab verify these results because they seem a little screwy. I am curious if anyone else on this forum is having, or has had, similar trouble with the TTB. What is the recourse if independent lab results don't match theirs? Does anyone know if its even possible to get 270PPM without special lab techniques? - If the lab results are correct - anyone know where I can "Destroy" some 270 PPM Absinthe- (it tastes very good!)
  8. We are looking to buy absinthe glasses similar to the Pernod glasses available at some bars. 1) Looking for bulk/wholesale pricing 2) Plain or with our logo printed on them Anyone a glass maker or know of one that can do something like this?
  9. When I started making Absinthe I had samples sent to me from every herb supplier I could find. I've tried samples from at least a dozen supply houses- and while many are organic and some are pretty good- there is only one that's excellent.
  10. Does everyone that manufactures Absinthe on this forum grow or privately source their own herbs? With the exception of www.absintheherbs.com (which is a great site with a wonderful proprietor) there doesn't seem to be anyone else providing herbs at the level of quality required to make premium Absinthe. Curious to hear everyone's feedback here. If this has already been discussed I apologize, please someone direct me to the discussion.
  11. I appreciate the feedback on the bottle color. I imagine we will add something to the label to indicate the color (any suggestions?) - it would take a lot to convince my wife- the image person to change the bottle color though. The thinking on the blue bottle was to make it reminisent of a turn of the century medicine bottle. We also took note that there are hardy any blue bottles in the liquor store so we figure it will stand out. Last we wanted to minimize feuille morte which seems to happen very quickly in the intense Colorado sun. Its taken much work to get a blue colored glass (without having to buy 10 pallets as Tricor Braun suggested we do- "sure Tricor no problem!"). Speaking of fuille morte- I notice many of the Absinthes comming out lately are in clear bottles and I am wondering if browning on the self is an issue with these? I always thought it was a light related phenomenon, but I also notice exposure to air also causes it to excelerate. I would like to understand this more. Anyone have any comment on this?
  12. We did our formulation/label approval and first batch under Rob's DSP. I do the distillation myself- it's just using Robs equipment and premise.This made the most sense from a financial stand point - and Robs been a great guy to work with. You were on my list of distillers to talk to in the beginning actually, I just figured, when I found out you were making your own, you probably wouldn't be interested. Eventually- perhaps sooner than later- I do plan to move the operation to Loveland so its closer to where I live. Now that I've got a product I figure it will be much easier to obtain the capital required to make my own distillery a reality. I would love to check out your distillery sometime soon - I do enjoy your Absinthe! I would also like to talk to you about absinthe herbs.
  13. "Trinity" is actually colored with Hyssop, Petite WW, and a touch of Melissa. The blue bottle is to keep the light out in order to maintain the color for longer. The bottle pictured is empty-