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  1. VC uses mainly green anise, with a bit of star. Oh really? The bottle just lists Star Anise. Just curious. That would be nice to know that it mostly uses green anise. Thanks
  2. Yea, as it turns out Vieux Carre is made with star anise same as St. George.
  3. It's cool. Glad you said something as I would have never have known about the green anise / star anise issue. ;-) Now, I'm looking forward to trying an absinthe made from green anise just to compare.
  4. Duly noted Jules. From what I'm learning I've only ever had absinthes made with star anise. Looking forward to trying one with green anise.
  5. Thanks Green Baron! Based upon what Ron said about star anise that would definitely explain why St. George louches so quick and in such a thick way. I'll have to look into what Vieux Carre uses to compare it with and I will be sure to check out Leopold Brothers. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for those links Jules. The visual difference between them is obvious. Now I just have to work on the difference in the taste and smell. I got most of my information from the articles on this website, but I also got info from other places as well. I can't recall where I may have picked up "star anise" specifically though. Glad to hear the all the other info is accurate. Sorry for the slip up.