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    Oh boy.

    ... there is a stylized glass around her, a dot at the top as a symbol for a water drop, and a hidden Swiss croix.... I was really happy to have it... it is a birthday present (a little ahead, since it is coming in a few days).... cheers, - Marcelo
  2. mgs

    Oh boy.

    This painting was made by a friend, a local artist in Denver, who gave to me today as a thank you for introducing him to absinthe : - mgs
  3. so, Colorado is becoming kind of a test bench ?\ marijuana soda - mgs
  4. The video is terrible, the guy talks too much and he is not even sure of what he is talking about. He does not louche and keeps talking shit... I just posted there a comment against. If you care, login using your Youtube account and also post something.... - Marcelo
  5. that was exactly the post that I read.... I followed several posts on that thread, but it is not a matter of giving slack, it is virtually too much boring to go through a long thread, since there are so many diversions, jokes, fights, derailing....... the information is always there, but the senior WS members who participated in the past threads cannot expect each and everyone to read the whole thread before making any comment...... Brian, I believe we discussed this subject before cheers, have you all a good day ! thanks for clarifying.... - Marcelo
  6. in the Herbsaint thread the guy who represents this beverage states that the new Herbsaint introduced in 2009 is absinthe.......... Therefore, it is indeed important to define in USA "what is absinthe" ..... the problem that I see is that "absinthe" is the name of the plant ! (in French). - Marcelo
  7. I am a little confused here... I never tried this Versinthe verte, but after reading it seems to be that it is not absinthe, but it is a good liqueur and goes well in cocktails... I also never tried Herbsaint, but I believe, after reeading, that Herbsaint would be in a similar class of booze ? It is not much easier to just say that this liqueur is an anise based, even wormwood based, but it is not absinthe but has other good qualities ? For example, I like Cointreau, and most of the time I emphasize to people that Cointreau is not a simple "orange based liqueur"..... it has its own qualities and features.... - Marcelo
  8. thanks for the flyer, I will send it to my French course classmates who are asking me about absinthe all the time !!!!! - Marcelo PS: I agree that maybe a next version could also recognize the "blanche absinthe".... Actually, I took La Clandestine to Brazil and the most repeated comment from my colleagues was that "I thought that absinthe was always green"... We should have the White Fairy as well...
  9. just by reading the information in the website of this "Maktub absinth" I really do not even want to try it..... You guys who know that it is a shit, but you still want to try it just to be sure, are really brave ! I prefer this instead. - Marcelo PS: I have around 10-12 absinthe brands that I do like a lot, and I really got less interested in trying new stuff just for the sake of it......
  10. Maktub is a book by the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho ---> Amazon Link for Maktub - Marcelo
  11. Absomphe : thanks ! Let's have a virtual drink together - Marcelo
  12. I did not find any white hat in this thread, the only white thing here is a wolf ! Well, if Boggy had "friends" who leaked his posts in Facebook to be excreted in another forum, he really does not need any enemy.... - mgs
  13. so, he, himself, gave all the evidences to be banned ? kind of stupid of his part..... maybe that is his style.... ok, don't want to stir again and again, but, I still do not understand why someone "makes a crime" in another country (other forum), and is punished here.... Was he a threat for the WS as an institution ? To me he was just silly. He made me wonder many times if he was really saying serious things. Maybe he is just a crazy guy, like most of us have some kind of craziness......... Anyway, I don't thrust "normal people", to be frank.... - mgs
  14. secret reasons............. looks like federal investigations ! - mgs
  15. Well, I hope the Advisory Board has strong motivation based on other sites or forums. Although his comments were kind of strange, and may have mislead people (like me in the lemoncello thread), there is a lot of derailing happening in all the threads, one example was the one started by Alan a few days ago. Now, in my opinion, singing "Giovinezza" which was considered a second anthem for Italy even before the WII (so it might be considered a fascist song, not nazi), does not frame him as rascist, it shows he knows history, and hopefully he understands the context that such song was used during that time. And, I never noticed any racism from his side HERE. At least, during the months that I read his posts. I remember well when I first searched for his posts, when someone, impolitely, suggested that my username was Boggy's puppet. And the second picture showed in this thread might be out of context, like Alan suggested. So, the evidence, at least presented here looks very weak. After that "Boggy's puppet" comment, I decided to turn down my involvement at WS and just passively read or make only some simple and plain comments here and there. But, at the same time, made me more aware of Boggy's post, which made me even more upset by trying to understand why the WS member compared me to him. The decision of the board is certainly based on more information, and previous interactions, but for the "regular member" like me, it seems odd that someone is banned because of comments made in other forums, freedom of speech is a constitutional right isn't ? - Marcelo
  16. So all that shit he just wrote about Lemoncello is false information ? ---> mf ! I see, now, that his posts about absinthe were always bizarre... but, I did not notice any "trigger" in his last posts that would give an "enough is enough".... Anyway, I am new here, and you know what happened in the past. - mgs
  17. sure, à la mode de la masion
  18. very cool such "modern fountains".... I particularly do not go for any of the antique/original stuff, they are for collectors only. Instead of "à la belle époque" I prefer "à la mode"... - mgs
  19. Welcome to the forum....... "Hello World" was my first C-language program 27 years ago.... sending it to a digital typewriter was something amazing for me that time.... Cheers, - Marcelo
  20. it seems that everyone has a different way to prepare lemoncello, usually based on past experience and also on liking what was done.... which is very nice. At the end, I believe that each one should develop your own recipe... I learned with some friends from Palermo, who told me to never heat anything and never add syrup, just plain white sugar... My lemoncello is yellow clear because I filter it twice, first time with a beer strain bag, after the zest (plus vanilla beans) is mixed and get kind of white (after 3-4 weeks), then I add sugar and water, wait 8-10 weeks, and I filter very slowly with a sandwich filter of cloth, cotton and the strain bag.... Then I still let it age for 2-3 months at least before drinking.... it is interesting, though, to see so much diversity in preparing lemoncello..... I never tried "other cellos" from other fruits, I will stick to lemon only...... Thanks, - Marcelo
  21. Thanks Ron and Rouver for the ideas..................... my lemoncello was really nice with the vanilla added to it............ Cheers, - Marcelo
  22. I used one vanilla bean cut along the axis in four pieces, and left together with the lemon zest. Yes, that bean is very expensive (around 6 dollars per piece), but I really liked the after taste. One friend who is a cuisine expert told me that is a very good match for the lemon zest taste... - Marcelo