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  1. Welcome !!!! Did you get enough Thujones ? Can you share with me ? - Marcelo
  2. I liked a lot the data ! Thanks for your hard work ! - Marcelo
  3. what kind of coffee do you drink ?
  4. Spring is coming and you may need to kill weeds in your backyard.... - mgs EDITED: You drunk 2/3 of the bottle ???? OMG and you are still alive ? I knew that miracles could happen ! don't worry, when you try a good absinthe and go back to this one, you will be happy. In life we can only be happy because we are sad sometimes, if we were happy all the time, we would not know what happiness is........
  5. OMG, talking about work in this forum ?!?!?! - mgs
  6. Really ? There was some anaerobic corrosion in my toilet when I poured there..... - mgs
  7. I prefer a caipirinha .............. (well, it is not a secret anyway). cheers, - mgs
  8. France, 1600's..... what my memory (affected by absinthe for sure) tells me is that around 1650 the five-year-old Louis XIV became King.......... I kind of doubt that any real beverage like this was made that time....... don't believe on shit, I would say at this time.
  9. Hello from Golden (during the day) and from Denver (during the night).............. you have to try Leopold, made in Denver....... if you come around here, let me know.... cheers, - Marcelo
  10. Portuguese Green Soup (Caldo Verde).
  11. congratulations, Scott ! Wow, some famous people are hanging out here...... - mgs
  12. My grandmother lived by the ocean and I used to fish this puffer fish. In Brazil it is called "baiacú" and it is very easy to fish, because fresh meat is the bait for it..... We always returned the fish to the ocean, because we knew we could die eating this... However, a japanese fishman cleaned it one time, showing how to remove the poison parts..... I ate it ! And I am still here, alive !!!! Actually, sashimi of this fish was delicious..... - mgs
  13. a joyful performance of TAP (Portuguese Airlines) for the City of Rio de Janeiro !!! Very nice ! this music goes well with caipirinha only.... - Marcelo
  14. thanks to all !!! Last night was my "real party", I cooked a lot of food, we played music (I got my percussion sets), then most of us played Capoeira........ cake..... and by 2PM everyone was dead.... It snowed a lot in Colorado, and I took Sunday to sleep and recover my energy, after all, I am not "that young" anymore... cheers, - Marcelo
  15. THANK YOU !!!! I was partying since yesterday , so my "virtual life" got behind, and I did not see these until now ! Key lime caipirinhas for all of us !!!! - Marcelo
  16. Talking about esoteric like books... this was a nice fantasy one : Zanoni. (this version in Amazon is from 2007, but I read this maybe in 1987). - Marcelo
  17. I remember in the past some "Playboy Interviews" were very nice...... but it has been a very long time that I don't look at that magazine... - Marcelo
  18. I love sushi, sashimi and any japanese food ! Being born in São Paulo, Brazil, I became involved with the japanese culture, since more than 3 million people in São Paulo are from japanese descendance, I even married a brazilian-japanese woman for 20+ years.. So, any sushi for me is wonderful ! - Marcelo
  19. Jan 31st 1969 : 42 years ago Beatles recorded for the first time . Listen to this mono version that I just uploaded to Youtube, with cues, squeaks and microphone hum. So, 42 years they were just discussing to split their own ways... BTW, I am enjoying my first bottle of Pacifique.... - Marcelo
  20. I purchased my first Pacifique..... arrived yesterday, it is already 70% left in the bottle..... wonderful !!!!!!! Thanks ! - Marcelo
  21. I don't know this brand........... there are so many in Brazil, most of them are small distillers..... usually those small distillers are associated with the huge sugar cane plantations that produce alcohol for cars.... but, if you liked it is what matters ! and yes, I have seen usually shelved together with rums, because even the Brazilians they called it a "Brazilian rum" even though we discussed already that is pretty much same thing as rhum agricole.... (although in Brazil people do not know about rhum agricole). It was in this Forum that I learned about it.... cheers, - Marcelo
  22. There is a brand in Brazil called "Toca" they make good cachaça, and some mixes with ginger, banana and so on.... they just released a "Cachaça Absinto" which is of course a macerated with some herbs...... people are buying a lot this in Brazil....... While USA and Europe are "defining what is absinthe", there is a huge market out there...... South America is certainly the "Old Wild West" for absinthe, never explored. - Marcelo
  23. mgs

    Oh boy.

    the canvas has a long axis of 12 inches and a small axis of 8 inches, it is small, so I don't need to place in a big space, it is just on the side of my countertop where I serve drinks and I have my waterfountain....... - Marcelo
  24. do you have to send an e-mail to the fishes so they know about this new bait ? - mgs