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  1. Nice that you know this ! Guaraná Antartica is the best brand....... try to find the "guaraná in powder" ..... it does not taste good, but it is energetic...... cheers !!! - Marcelo
  2. wow ! Thanks ! I learned a lot from this information ! Do we have this explanation in the Forum docs ? It would be helpful for newcomers to understand this right away..... cheers, - Marcelo
  3. I was reading about this wormwood tea.... I never tried..... when I was in Colombia I was excited to drink the coca tea that everyone drinks there.... that was terrible, worse than old lettuce tea.... Now.... I know something that is energetic, very healthy if you take with caution. It is the "Brazilian Guaraná"...... guaraná is a seed and we have in Brazil a "pop" or "soda" made of guaraná that is the only brazilian drink that sells more than Coca-Cola..... yes, it is true, there exists somethings to drink as a beverage that is more popular than "Coke" or "Coca-Cola"... anyway... the "guaraná seed" is a little ball that we can grind, or just buy the powder, mix with water and drink. It TASTES TERRIBLE, like mud or soil, but it DOES help in keeping you awake, connected and with some energy to study at night, or be awake for a whole night. However, we have to be carefull. The brain needs actual rest. What we have in our brain is a battery that needs to be recharged with sleep. If we take guaraná to be awake, or have energy, we cannot continue to use for a prolonged time, because eventually the fatigue is worse.... I have experience with that... When I was in College I used to take guaraná to study, to go to parties and all that you can imagine... But I found myself complety tired after two or three days of using this seed. Guaraná is natural...... you can buy in any Vitamin Cottage..... If you try the "soda Guaraná" the amount of actual guaraná is so little that it does not give any effect... Probably a cup of coffee is better in this case... OK... just sharing my "knownledge" .... cheers........ - Marcelo
  4. I learned some nice drinks with cognac ! Thanks a lot !!!!! - Marcelo
  5. You need : - 8 oz. cottage cheese (1 cup) - 5 eggs, slightly beaten - 1 can (4 oz.) of chopped green chilis - 2 cups shredded Monterey Jach Cheese (8 oz. block) - 2 Tbs flour - 2 Tbs melted margarine - 1/2 teaspoon baking powder Combine all. Pour into 9" pie plate generously sprayed with cooking spray. Bake at 400 F for 10 minutes. Reduce to 350 F for 20 minutes or until set in the center. Serve with sour cream and or salsa. - Marcelo
  6. I already introduced myself... and was very happy with the warm and open welcome from you all... I am slowly reading and posting a few things.... However, I have a question pertinent to a "newcomer".... I see that there are many "groups" .... I am on the "neophyte" ... there are "absintheurs" , "absintheists"... of course "advisory board"....... Actually, to my profile there is a "newcomer" description plus a "neophyte" group... I also understand that we can make a monthly contribution to the society to have a classification valid for one month, such as "diamond" and so on.... So, my question is "how these classifications and groups work" ? Do I need to contribute (financially) to the society ? Is there a move as the time passes ? Thanks for clarifications.... - Marcelo
  7. Cognac has been my favorite drink for more than ten years..... I usually drink cognac at night, I cannot drink beer when it is late, and usually enjoy my cognac very slowly.... I look to the glass and think on my life..... ... my favorites are Courvoisier, Henessy and Napoleon. One of the few things left from my marriage is a glass that my ex-wife gave to me, a cognac glass with an alcohol based burner on the bottom to heat the cognac.... I have this kit with me, but was never curious to heat the cognac, I always drink it straight at room temperature. I wonder if heating the cognac is really interesting or not.... Because I am kind of "purist" with cognac, I never prepared any mixed drink, but if someone knows any interesting drink that would be a good try for a feminine taste, I would like to know, because it would be fun to prepare a drink for a company, while I drink my cognac in the traditional way.... - Marcelo
  8. I was in "Z Cuisine" last month, I loved the place.... I did not have a dinner, but ate some nice onion soup and a vegetables mix with cheese typically French.... very good ! And I drunk the Libertine. I had to explain the waitress that I did not want to fire the absinthe......... but I highly recommend this restaurant. It is located on the region called "Highlands" with several other good restaurants, galleries and a nice night life... - Marcelo
  9. just found Leopold's absinthe in the Denver liquor store "Argonaut" @ $62.99 pus 8.1 % tax....... I purchased one bottle and will try this weekend to celebrate my move to a new apartment in Denver..... leaving Golden area....
  10. mgs

    Passion Fruit Mousse

    The condensed milk usually found on US markets is "La Lechera" from Nestlé, the can is 14 oz (397 g) The table cream is called "Media Cream Table Cream" also from Nestlé, the can that I usually buy is 7.6 FL oz (225 mL). Those condensed milk and table cream in Brazil have the same size, but for some reason, in US, the table cream that I find is a little smaller. Hope you like it... it is easy, and the taste is really wonderful, the passion fruit adds a very special taste.... - Marcelo
  11. mgs

    Passion Fruit Mousse

    put the baking dish in a regular refrigerator (do not freeze).
  12. You will need : - one bottle of passion fruit juice (500 ml), one Brazilian brand is called "suco Maguary - Maracujá" passion fruit juice - maracujá - two cans of condensed milk - two cans of table cream - one rectangular pyrex baking dish or similar container => Put in a blender half of the bottle (250 ml) of maracujá (passion fruit) juice, one can of condensed milk and one can of table cream. Blend HIGH for 8 minutes. Pour in the baking dish. => Repeat in the blender with the other half bottle of passion fruit juice plus the other cans of condensed milk and table cream. Blend HIGH for 8 minutes. Pour in the baking dish the second half. OBSERVATION : we do the blending in two parts because the blender can easily overflow if we prepare everything at the same time. Put your baking dish in the refrigerator (regular, not in the fridge) for one or two hours before serving. Enjoy..... maybe with absinthe..........
  13. The absinthe that I purchased in France last year was the "Lemercier Frères" a purple label 72%. I brought in my luggage.... Then I recently found out that we cannot bring any absinthe on flights..... well... it is here.... So the absinthes that I have here are : Kübler (I am not sure if that is the "real one" since I purchased in a local liquor store) Lucid (well, everyone knows this, and I eventually bought one) The following are still kept closed, I will taste then in the near future Obsello Lemercier Frères La Clandestine (it is arriving this Friday.... I will try the "caipirinha recipe" given by Alan) Hey "Seeker of Truth" I see that we are almost neighboors, you are in Central City..... 40 minutes from me..... hope to see you sometime... - Marcelo
  14. Hi.... Greetings from Colorado... I am also "brand new" in this group here.... cheers, - Marcelo
  15. Alan, I will buy La Clandestine and will prepare a "caipirinha".... I just found on the Internet how to purchase it... it seems that for caipirinha the absinthe should be the type that we use less sugar, since caipirinha made of cachaça has a lot of sugar.... I don't know, I will try... I am an "expert" in caipirinha with cachaça and usually my friends get drunk in my house with that.... Brian, thanks for the hints you gave me in Facebook... Everyone else : "BIG HI" for you all.... - Marcelo
  16. Joe, the video in my signature line is a music by Vinicius de Moraes, a brazilian poet, one of the "fathers" of bossa nova..... He was an amazing person, wrote beautiful poems and songs of love, of life, of justice.... he married 6 or 7 times in his life ! He used to drink a lot in all his shows.... I know that he liked scotch whisky... He died in 1980, but his songs are still alive..... this music you probably know "The Girl of Ipanema" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_XRAhp1AGc where Vinícius and Tom Jobim are singing together..... cheers.... music is another passion that I have... - Marcelo
  17. Thanks Joe for the information on Leopold Bro's. I never thought that Denver would have a producer of absinthe.... I will try it for sure, after all they are a local family owned distillery and it is always good to appreciate what we have in our place......
  18. Hello Everyone : I first tasted absinthe with some friends in Neuchâtel Swtizerland two years ago...Last year I was in France, and also enjoyed again with some friends and even purchase a bottle of a French absinthe (it is still in my basement, I did not open yet....). I became curious about absinthe and started reading over the Internet, talking to people, trying to understand "why" in USA is still considered a big deal.... (another day I was in a French restaurante with my boss, and I ordered absinthe, and he looked at me as if I was from another planet....) I purchased a spigot, spoons, glasses, and one day I decided to make my own party.... It was really fun, and my friends enjoyed the experience. For sure, the absinthe that I purchased in my local liquor store in Colorado is not anything good, but I liked the experience.... Then I found an absinthe store in New Orleans and eventually the Woormood Society. I read reviews, bought the locally available "Lucid" because that is what I found here.... and I just ordered an Obsello.... So... I am learning...... I still need to be "brave" to open my French absinthe...because I don't want to waste the experience, so I am still thinking how I am going to enjoy it... I am Brazilian and I travel a lot. I heard in Brazil stories of young people getting completely drunk with absinthe... Unfortunately they don't know how to enjoy this fine liquor. The kids there drink it on the "rocks"... straight on ice.... or they make the "Brazilian caipirinha" which is a completely different drink, and instead of the "cachaça" they use absinthe... I started to tell everyone that was not the right way to enjoy it. You don't fry your sashimi, or microowave your caviar, or dump in beer your cigar.... so you have to know how to appreciate correctly the absinthe. So... that is the reason "why" I am here... I want to read your experiences, the reviews and everything... I am just afraid that this new "hobbie" will make me expend a lot of money with good absinthe and all the artistisc and beautiful things related to this "ritual"... greetings from Rocky Mountains.... :-) - Marcelo