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  1. Thanks for the comments above ! Although I was born in São Paulo, I don't live there anymore.... I am going to Brazil this week for a conference, and for one or two nights I will be available to find something to do there.... maybe I will try one of the places recommended.... I remember that someone said that in Brazil, any booze cannot be more than 55%, so that will be a tough experience to get real absinthe there....


    Cheers !


    - Marcelo

  2. Today I tried the device "Clef du Vin" made by Peugeot to age wine, each touch by 1 sec, ages the wine for one year, and we can gauge when is the best maturity time for the wine.


    Does anybody know if this also works with absinthe ?


    - mgs

  3. French cooks developed this method for cooking ducks (the ones used for foie gras). This cooking method is getting a lot of attention because it is wonderful for meats, particularly the ones with fat and connected tissues such as chuck. The water temperature is controlled for the point of pasteurization, and a chuck meat can take up to 72 hours in the water bath (with a vacuum sealed plastic bag). The connected tissue changes in a kind of collagen. At the end, a butane torch is used to finish the meat with the flame.


    - Marcelo

  4. Thanks Greenbird for the links ! I have been thinking to put together a temperature controlled water bath for Sous Vide, since the commercial ones are priced $400+.... those suggestions can help me to buy the necessary parts...


    A few days ago I used my rice cooker and made some vegetables on sous-vide, I used a vacuum sealer, put some carrots, yellow and green zucchinis, and cooked for 20 minutes..... they were crunchy, delicious, and the liquid that came out from the vegetables I just added some olive oil, thyme and salt....


    - Marcelo

  5. Only two monks in the world know how to make this stuff (Carthusian monks), when one dies, the remaining one teaches someone else.


    I heard that the two monks who know the recipe prepare the booze in the second floor of a building. The beverage goes down by gravity to the first floor where it is bottled, so nobody else sees how they make it.


    I also purchased in Paris an "elixir" version, much stronger, it is a bomb. Theoretically we should dilute in water, tea or drip it over a sugar cube, but I still drink this elixir straight.... :dev-cheers:


    - Marcelo

  6. If you drink too much Chartreuse, you'll wake up feeling like a monkey slept crapt in your mouth.





    I love to feel like a monkey whatever in my mouth..... I usually sip Chartreuse, straight, no ice....relaxing, with a strong coffee, alternating them, and getting drunk and drunk... chocolate in between....


    - mgs