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  1. Very nice selection for a first order, you've got the bases covered, you'll have a good time.
  2. Now that I'm starting to develop a decent collection of both absinthe and other tasty beverages, I'm curious as to any DIY cabinets, lockers, storage for my collection. Anyone have any ideas or personal expieriences they could share? Thanks in advance.
  3. Ok I went ahead and tried some against all reason I was too curious not to try it. Bitter, and nasty. I've never drank absinthe but some how I know it shouldn't taste like that. No louche what so ever. I appreciate all the help and comments. Well at least I'll have an interesting first time story to tell.
  4. I'm not even sure how one would go about sending a sample, plus being that I'm new and haven't sent samples before I would be a little worried about the laws of sending alcohol through the mail. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I'm seeing the name Delis on the bottle other than that there are no brand names anywhere. It has a website of www.delis.cz , I have no idea what brand it is. I just checked the website and this is the bottle I have. http://eshop.delis.eu/index.php?main_page=...products_id=255 But it doesn't have the label on the front.
  6. I recently got a bottle of Absinthe while my parents were vacationing in Europe. Sadly it's Chezch Absinthe, but what has me concerned is in the bottle there is a sprig of wormwood soaking in the absinthe. My question to you more seasoned absinthe drinkers is. Should I be worried about a raw sprig of wormwood in the bottle? I'm a little nervous because I know what raw wormwood can do to a person. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. I really enjoy my "Nakhla" brand of shisha. My favorite all time flavor to go with anything is "Nakhla Chocomint". It's a good traditional un-washed tobacco packs a bit of a punch and it's the prefect relaxer after a 12+ hour workday. Also got some pictures of my hookahs. Both Egyptian
  8. I rather enjoy my snuff, currently my favorite brand is Poschl-Ozana Presidential. It's a delightful eucalyptus / menthol mix. Sencond favorite would be a flavor I got from a friend that was made by him, it's a real floral eucalyptus taste. See a trend developing with my snuff preferences.
  9. Not quite sure really, as I'm new to this whole thing, in more detail my parents are vacationing in Europe and I asked to bring me back a few bottles of absinthe. I did make sure they knew that I was interested in french absinthe for my first go around. I hope I don't regret being too vague with them.
  10. Hello WWS been lurking here for a few weeks and decided to finally say my hellos. I was turned on to this website from a few friends on the hookah forum I hang out at. Just wanted to say hello. I'm very interested by the absinthe culture and have a few bottles on the way from Europe as we speak. I'm excited to learn more.