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  1. A re-re-delurk. The rebuilding? Yeah that's gone all manner of sideways and tits up. I'm still here in Everett, though moving into the Seattle proper area as soon as I find a place. Oof. Life isn't giving me any breaks these days. Anyhow, since I'm laid up and ill, what better time to come back to the forum and futz about? Beats watching trashy daytime TV!
  2. For the Seattle based folk- when the smoking ban went down, did it close down hookah bars? I've not seen any around, and they're something I miss from Pittsburgh.
  3. They do, but you can go to the "premium" stores and find some things that are available only there. Yep, the big fancy stores have much more selection. Also the PA stores adjust their inventory regionally- so in the area that I lived in had a wonderful selection of Kosher offerings. Here in WA it seems pretty standard stock regardless of where you go. Means you'll always find the same regular stuff which I guess is nice, but when shopping for the lesser known/lesser used varieties it's kind-of a let down.
  4. I had this at a high-end restauarant tasting menu event last year and I have to say that I was rather pleased by it. I'll be visiting my folks in PA later on this spring, and I might have to figure out a way to fly a bottle home with me, since it sounds like this isn't available here in WA yet? I don't know- I have to say the state stores here don't have nearly the selection of ANY type of alcohol that I found in PA, but maybe I just haven't found the right state store yet.
  5. I do, indeed. Welcome back, and here's to happiness and contentment in your new life. Thanks! Now I'm local too, so I might actually be able to meet some of you folk!
  6. I should say here as well, (I forgot to previously) that I have changed my nick here to Ether Maiden from martygreene. With all the changes in my life, I have more-or-less abandoned my nick which has served me so well all these years, and have adopted my lesser-used alternate as my new persona. So, if you don't recognise this nick, you may recognise "martygreene".
  7. As someone who was a kretek smoker (Blacks and also Splashes) I have to say I'm not crazy about the new version of the Djarum Blacks that is on the market now as mini-cigars or whatever they are calling them. I find them to taste rather different- much more harsh and slightly acrid. Now, this is just my personal taste, others may love them. I also have a strong distaste for cigars, and I can no longer smoke regular cigarettes. I don't smoke all that much, but I do when I'm actively using my anxiolytics. For whatever reason I get a weird hangover effect from the anxiolytic medication unless I use it in conjunction with nicotine. Kretek were my preferred method for this. I'm curious- are these available still in Canada? What are the actual regulations on these in the US? I'm wondering if one could purchase them in Canada and then bring them back across the border legally.
  8. Once again, I resurrect my old thread. Years have passed, life has changed. I've moved cross-country and am now back in the Pacific NW, living in the South Everett area, actually not terribly far from my childhood stomping grounds of Edmonds (at least not in the grand scheme of things, compared to living in Pennsylvania!). The move was fairly spur-of-the-moment. I came to visit my best friend this summer, and during a tearful AIM/text discussion via smartphone finally realized that I was miserable in my almost 7-year relationship which had kept me in Pittsburgh all that time. I was being abused, and finally admitted it. So I returned to Pittsburgh, left my partner and in doing so uprooted everything stable I'd ever known. I'll be better for it in the end, but now even though it's half a year later, I'm still having a rough time coming to terms with it. So I'm back in Washington, and I'm trying to rebuild myself and build a new life. Trying to make myself be social. Trying to get myself out into the working world (I'd been working in Pittsburgh, but now I need to find something stable here in WA). Trying to not let the trauma of it all get the better of me. So yeah, I'm back. This is a much more personal and in-depth intro than I've done in the past, and I hope it doesn't scare anyone off. Any questions still applies, so go for it. Glad to be back, in all interpretations of that.
  9. Do you happen to haunt, or did you happen to in the past, any other forums? I've used this avatar elsewhere in the past. Veggies, fruits, jams, jellies, pickles, soups, chili, all manner of things which can be canned!
  10. Resurrecting my old intro post, as I have returned from a long period of absence. Older now, graduated (BFA), working, considering grad school, still in PA. Avid gardener, home-canner, and all around old-fashioned-y homemaker of sorts. My old invitation of "Any questions?" still stands. Ask, and I might answer. It's good to be back!
  11. In light of all the false info out there, I'm always happy when people are recpetive to the truth about Absinthe, and who are willing to give it another shot (when all they've had previously is "absinthe" with 'the highest thujone content to make you totally trip ballz'). At our little get together to watch the results of the US house and senate elections last night, I brought along some of the Clandestine La Bleue to share. Of course, people made assumptions, a discussion started, and I started a small glass of absinthe for folks to try. Everyone was excited to learn the truth about absinthe, and many a jotted down note was taken of the WS website. Upon tasting the CLB, they were astounded. It was smooth, tasty, and didn't even use sugar (we'd discussed the misconception of the fire during the slow water drip)! There may be a few new faces about here thanks to last night, and if nothing else I know at least two folk put in an order on the spot last night! I'm curious what sort of experiances others have had along these lines. It's always refreshing to find people who want to know the truth, even if it means they don't get to trip ballz.
  12. I figured since I reviewed the Venchi absinthe chocolate bar a while back, I'd mention this absinthe and chocolate pairing as well. Pictured far right, with the candied violet petal Vosges lists as the flavors in their Absinthe truffle Personally a fan of Vosges truffles (as well as many of their chocolate bars), I decided to try this truffle and compare both to absinthe as a beverage, as well as to the Venchi bar. The chocolate is, as expected, very good. A nice dark but not too bitter chocolate. The interesting part to me is that, unlike the Venchi which tasted much like drinking CLB and eating bitter chocolate, this was a wonderful blend of deep chocolate tones and an absinthe flavor very akin to the older Montmartre recipe. While I still prefer the Venchi for ease of availability and portability, if you are more the truffle type this is definately worth it. If you ever find yourself near the Vosges boutiques in NYC, Chicago, or Vegas, I strongly suggest stopping in an trying one.
  13. As I'm a costumer with a particular passion for the Regency through Edwardia eras, I guess I'll just have to post photos here, once I finish working on my actual portfolio site, for all you lovely folk to gawk at. I tend to use period patterns, re-drafted to accomidate my not-very-victorian figure (12" difference bust to waist what what?)
  14. Glad to see it was only zero posters. I've not been around lately (busy busy busy, and haven't bought any bottles of anything I've not already reviewed here), and am glad to see that I can still login! I have a couple friends who are genuinely interested- expect a message from me Hiram.
  15. Personally, I'm a fan of venchi's chocolates, and I'm a bit of a cocoa content snob (I won't go below 65% without protest). I find the Venchi to be tasty, and has a very nice mouth-feel. I've had a few other absinthe-chocolate blends, and was less pleased by most of them as they were either liquid or fondant filled (I'm not a fan of gooey or sloshy chocolates) or they were made with a lower cocoa content which made the whole thing sweeter than I feel this combination should be. I agree, blanches do seem to work better, perhaps due to their being less complex in flavour? I've had pretty good success making my own pastis infused ganache for truffles, I see no reason why absinthe would react differently in this situation than a pastis, do you? Perhaps I'll actually write down the amounts next time, and share with the class.