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  1. Hello everyone. I received more than a few very kind responses to my initial inquiry on the board regarding a found bottle of pre-ban Pernod Fils White. One member asked that I post an introduction, which I am happy to do here and will explain a bit more about where this bottle came from... I am cleaning out the attic of the house in Hollywood CA that my husband's grandfather, Lee, built in 1923. Lee and his wife lived there until the 60s, and my husband's father, Lee's son, lived there until recently passing away. Pretty much everything Lee had upstairs has been left alone since he passed away in '67. I think he must have been the coolest guy ever. Each thing I pull out of that attic has been more fascinating than the last thing... love letters, photographs, archive of Lee's employment at FBO film studio, Norden bomb sight (???), civil war letter requesting furlough, rock collection, arrowhead collection, indian artifact collection, newspaper collection, airplane memorabilia, original Charles Limbergh photos... and now... the Pernod Fils... I am certain that Lee would get a huge kick out of everyone's interest in this, and I'm so excited to learn about all this myself. I can picture him enjoying a glass of this back in the day. He obviously loved good spirits... the box was filled with other classics... he was also known to brew his own during prohibition. Here's a picture of him. I have been an Ebay seller for years, so you can imagine how much I love all this stuff. The big problem for me is trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. I'd love to keep it all but there's just not enough room at my house. Thanks again for everyone's help, Susan
  2. Hello, I've found my way here and am seeking advice on a bottle I found in the attic! I would like to know if you think it would still be good and if so, where would I go to sell it? Here's a picture: I have looked around the forum, and it looks to me that most Pernod Fils is green... this one's white... I'm wondering if that's bad or good... I was also wondering approximately when it dates to. Other items found in the same box dated from the 1880s to 1917. This bottle is about 12" tall. It still has a "Pernod Fils" stamped cork in place. Please let me know if there is any other info you would like. I'm kinda hoping you will tell me that I need to open it and test it myself... But really, if it would be of any interest to anyone, I'd rather someone who could really appreciate it (and pay a lot of $ for it!) enjoy it. Thanks in advance! Susan