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  1. Well then... it looks like I will order the Berthe de Joux, La Maison Fontaine, and The Roquette. Clowns have never led me astray and I don't know why they would start know.
  2. Hello all. Just wanted to write a quick message asking for some advice on a specific order. I am going to place an order from Emile Pernot and would like to take advantage of the free shipping over $200. I want to try the Berthe de Joux after all the positive buzz, as well as the La Maison Fontaine. The question is though what else should I order? I have had the Doubs and loved it, but want to try something new. Everything looks good, but what would be the "best" is the problem I am wrestling with. I have a feeling that no matter what I add to the order won't be bad at all, I was just looking for some input.
  3. ...too many Jack Daniels, too many Captain Morgans, too many Jagermeisters. Eh... Not every night needs to be a lesson in fine drinking.
  4. Kobe beef skirt steak with a good amount of Vieux Pontarlier. Girlfriend is out of the country so I am skipping dessert
  5. Screw this absinthe in a can discussion. I am still interested in the bag of dicks earlier referenced in the thread http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzbURUrgQao This link is some funny shit. Enjoy.
  6. When you hear "bag of dick" who else things of a brown bag with dicks popping out of the top like baguettes?
  7. Drinking any absinthe quick won't make you have the absinthe effect. That notion is ridiculous. You need to drink it quick AND light it on fire before you shoot it. THAT is how you get the full effect. Plus I am pretty sure that is how they did it back in the day. My friend told me and his parents took him to Europe 4 years ago...
  8. Belated welcome from another St Louis-ish person (West Co.) A St Louis Green Hour would be great.
  9. Pierre


    Hey Voski- Welcome to the forums. In regards to Lucid vs. Absente (Regular, with Wormword or Grand), I would say Lucid is definitely superior. However, listen to Joe and look in to buying from Drinkupny. Not only do they have great, fair pricing, but they also have very safe (usually free) shipping. All three brands Joe mentioned are top notch. I would also include Kübler and Obsello, both great values as you "learn" absinthe. I will say Pacifique is one of my favorites. (*On a side note I have a glass next to me right now with the last of my bottle of Pacifique in it- I am going to go cry now)
  10. The fact that people buy into the absinthe misinformation wouldn't be so disturbing if the facts weren't so easy to find on so many good websites (The Wormwood Society obviously being my favorite). People need to do a minimal about of reading other than an advertisement sometime. On a another note: since this rustic absinthe has been made since 1518 would anyone want to trade a sample of a pre-ban for a sample of it? Hello. Anyone
  11. I wouldn't mess with that stuff Brian. It has skulls on it and it evidently has a lot of thujone as well. I hear that stuff is what "real" absinthe has and it makes you trip. Come to think of it I am sure this rustic absinth is chock full of thujone... but how much I will never know. I just opened the bottle for the first time in months and was again taken aback by the "cleaner" smell of this stuff.
  12. I'll see your Hill's and raise you a Pere Kerman (a gift from my brother in law) and a Logan Fils (a gift from my sister). I guess it makes us appreciate the good stuff more though.
  13. Yep, very lucky. I think it should be noted that I was able to drink half a glass so she thought I liked it. It was a test. If anyone wants to trade samples you can send me dishwater or mouthwash that has been used by a homeless man in return for some of this absinth (save the e for later).
  14. While the idea and psychology behind that is pretty solid sbmac, the problem is if I sink it I have to keep the wormwood in it or it would be a dead giveaway. What I do is occasionally sink just a little so it looks like it is being drank. Sometimes for fun, if I am having people over and someone brings a friend who is what some may call an asshole I will ask him if he wants to try absinthe and make him one with this. Don't worry... I let him try some real stuff after.
  15. @Joe... Exactly. Odd how they both talk about the "history", if you call it that, of the 18th century and the bottle says made since 1518. Note: The wax seal has 1518 on it as well. @accountant- Yeah, it is horrible to get a really bad bottle from your girlfriend and have to drink it in front of her. It's the thought that counts right? It goes without saying- she does not drink absinthe.
  16. Hello everyone. Here is a pretty "special" bottle of Absinth (which is nowhere near as good as absinthe). I have never seen this bottle anywhere on this site (thankfully), so I decided to post it. I got this as a gift from my girlfriend when she went down to Mexico on vacation last year. As you can see this rustic absinth doesn't not only has improper capitalization but if you look close you can see there is a trademark next to the word "absinth", not sure how they trademarked that. AND this has been made since 1518- wow. If this wasn't good enough they packed the bottle with wormwood- so it only gets better with age presumably. There is a website on the back of the bottle (www.absinth.com.mx) but it has nothing to do with this absinth. I don't read Spanish, but I do see produced in the Republica Checha on the back, wonder what that means?
  17. In bizarro-world 1. Pere Kerman 2. Logan Fils 3. A bottle of everclear. (You know- to put my absinthe kit herbs into) Back in the real world... 1. Pacifique 2. Marteau 3. Vieux Pontarlier (Hard Choices- they will be different in an hour)
  18. Wow... I was reading through the forums and I just remembered that my first experience with absinthe was NOT the Logan Fils. The year before I received the "present" of the Logan Fils I bought myself an Absinthe Making Kit. Needless to say, after two weeks of sitting in the closet the flavored Everclear with water did not taste all that great, and by that I mean that I promptly spat the contents on my mouth into the sink and washed my mouth out 5 times. How I stuck with absinthe after that incident (not to mention the Logan Fils) is a mystery to me.
  19. Ron- ever have the situation where someone met you (usually a friend of your parents), assumed you spoke the language (because, or course, you should), and proceeded to start the conversation? When I was younger I used to get so shy about having to say, "Uh... actually... I don't speak French." Then the questions come: "Why didn't your father ever...."
  20. Green Baron- Thank you. As I mentioned I was not sure what was proper so I spilled everything that seemed somewhat important. sbmac- I am going to have to confess a sin that I do not speak French. It is a sin because 1. My dad was born and raised in France. 2. I obviously have a stereotypical French name and 3. I have a FRENCH CITIZENSHIP!!! (In addition to my American one) But thank you for the warm introduction. Unfortunately I did not have a natural ability with language going through school and did not pursue learning as hard as I should have.
  21. Enjoying a glass of Pacifique, next maybe some Edward III, paired with a nice Dewey's Pizza. Definitely a lovely pairing.
  22. Good morning and thank you everybody for the warm welcomes.
  23. Wow jcbphd, I've seen you on the forums but for some reason I never bothered to read your info. Never knew there were any other people from St Louis on here. That's awesome. Not a big absinthe community around from what I have seen.