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  1. Thanks for the advice Joe. Hypothetically, if I ordered 2 bottles 10 minutes before your advice came through how much of a mistake would that be? Not... that... I... uh... did that. *cough* Well, $40, and it looks like I have a couple of "gifts" on my hands. C'est la vie.
  2. One bubble might be busted but with the Kübler, but it seems the Versinthe is still in stock. It has been awhile since I had Versinthe but I don't remember it being decent. For the price it would be silly not to get a couple of bottles. I was just wondering if anyone has ordered from that site, and if it was pretty reputable. It seems to be a pretty professional company, I was just checking with you guys and gals. And to stay on topic, I am drinking good stuff from Emile Pernot tonight. Three absinthes of theirs to be exact.
  3. For that price I might have to order some. Has anyone used www.shoppersvineyard.com before? Is it a pretty reliable distributer?
  4. I also want to thank you, Advisory Board. I never personally saw his racism come to light on these forums, but he always came off as a prick wanting to argue for arguing sakes. He definitely took away from what I feel is by far the most enjoyable forum around. For whatever reason he is gone, good riddance.
  5. Alternating between BdJ and Perroquet to try to decide which one is my current favorite absinthe. This might require a few more bottles of each.
  6. I actually louched up a couple of glasses last night as well Phoenix! I have to say that now that I have finished about half the bottle I am pretty sure that my initial impressions might have been off, because I am enjoying each new glass more and more. I can't put my finger on it, but the flavor profile is a bit different than other absinthes I have had, and I think that just took me by surprise. Whatever it was... I am thoroughly enjoying Sirene.
  7. Some of the comments on that video are classic. Even though it is youtube, I still am willing to bet that a large percentage of the people defending it are sincere. In other news I will be posting a blank canvas on eBay later. The lack of paint, or any other artistic medium, really lets you appreciate the nothingness of the canvas. I am also working on my own absinthe to compete with all the fine distillers from all over the world. It will be an empty bottle, but the label is going to be SWEET.
  8. Dear God Ron! That video is hypnotizing!
  9. Here is the problem Dale: You say you just have a basic curiosity, but then in your original post you mention wanting to try it. So you have to understand why you aren't going to get any help on making and taking drugs. Even if it were purely informational, which it is not, this is an absinthe website. It seems like the bigger problem is that you seem to be viewing absinthe as a drug in the same way one would view laudanum. While yes, alcohol is a drug, it isn't really in the same league as laudanum. I am only say this because you seem to be referencing absinthe the same way you would drugs (i.e. shipping out of country from sources, while most of us just buy absinthe from stores.) Absinthe has been easy to find, although sometimes more expensively, for the last 5 years or so that I have been buying it. If I am wrong about any of this I apologize but you should know how it looks. Good luck on your hunt.
  10. Very true Brian. Price is what I meant. Thank you for catching that.
  11. If you order the NO from Drinkupny the cost is in the triple digits, which is why it still makes more sense to buy from Europe in that case. IMO, costs of the absinthe and quality does correlate to a certain degree. One of my "go to" absinthes is Obsello and it also happens to be one of the less expensive absinthes I buy. At the same rate my very first absinthe, while being a gift, was the most expensive- Logan Fils. To put it simply the Logan Fils tasted like a bottle of smashed up ass (that is my official review). Luckily in the last couple of years a HUGE amount of great absinthe became available for around the same costs as mediocre absinthe.
  12. I have to admit this gave me a much needed laugh. The jump from Absinthe to Laudanum is so bold it makes me wonder what other correlations this logic could produce. "Honey... I know you love our dog, so this Christmas I am buying you a pack of wolves...". Seriously though, what everyone else has said.
  13. Check out this amazingly well informed quote from the video: "They used to make it differently. I think what they did was put a lot of wormwood in there, which made people trip balls. Nowadays the absinthe you can get is just a strong kind of liquor (usually 60-70% alcohol). I had some of the modern kind in a bar in Japan, and they're pretty strict about drugs etc. over there so I don't think it's illegal in the U.S. either (but that's just a guess)."
  14. Customer service indeed!!! First and foremost I would like to thank Sonja for the response. I did not realize that you were on the WS forums and therefore I was not expecting such a personal response. After re-reading everyone's reviews on the main page and the comments on this thread, I am sure that something must have gone awry with this bottle, as you suggested Sonja. While I do not posses the palate and knowledge to pin point the flavors as well as a lot of the members, my opinion of most absinthes I have had so far in my handful of years drinking it seem to line up pretty well in line with a lot of people (i.e. I consider Pacifique to be top tier and Kübler to be middle of the road). That's why the discrepancy surprised me. Maybe it was just an entirely different profile that took me by surprise but I still think there might have been an outside factor which changed the bottle. I will say that I have been enjoying the absinthe after the tweaking, but it still is nothing like the reviews I have read. As for your offer to meet up to explore (revisit) Sirene I would be honored for the chance to have such a meeting. I'll even try to keep a little so we can compare them to see if maybe it was an outside factor that changed the contents. Finally, I want to take a quick moment to thank everyone of The Wormwood Society. You really help not only with picking up superior absinthes, but also by providing a forum environment that is free of all the BS and hate that is so prevalent in other forums. Thank you everyone, and once again a special thanks to you Sonja!
  15. My extra slow drip produced this
  16. My usual drip speed produced this louche
  17. I'll take a comparison pic this weekend Joe because it is a very remarkable difference. It is pretty interesting. Also, I really am looking forward to receiving a package of Ridge some day soon (hopefully someone can ship to the STL). You might say that I have package envy...
  18. Just wanted to do a quick update. I have tinkered with the louche a bit and it seems to benefit greatly with a VERY slow drip with very cold water. Even a moderate drip produces a very thin louche. As for the taste, it hasn't really changed. It isn't terrible but definitely not something I would probably buy again in the future unless I heard something changed drastically. I do sugar my glasses of Sirene now and that has improved it (along with a higher amount of water than usual). Overall, an decent absinthe at best. It does do a good job of making me anticipate my package from Emile Pernot that much more.
  19. So what you are saying Joe is that I have to make this bottle last for more than a few weeks? Damn.
  20. I know this thread is pretty old, but I wanted to revive it to see if anyone has visited the newer batches of Sirene. I bought a bottle last night and have to say that while I wasn't let down I definitely was not as impressed as I have been with other recent purchases. Although my other recent purchases have been stellar brands so maybe that is not fair. I usually drink absinthe between 3 to 4 parts water to 1 part absinthe and usually use no (or very little) sugar. I found this absinthe to be bitter and strong at 4:1 and watered it to 5:1, where it was more pleasant. I did not sugar it but will next time. The louche was also thin, so I might try to fiddle with the prep next time to enhance that. All in all though I don't regret the purchase but will have to play with it some more to see if I will be buying another bottle in the future. By the way, this is batch 26. Pretty much bought it as an impulse buy and some vague recollections of a fair amount of praise it received when it first came out. The fact that it is sold 2 minutes from my house is a bonus.
  21. I had a feeling that was good, but it is very reassuring that you enjoy it since I plan of ordering that for my father for his birthday. It is one of those "gifts for both of us".
  22. Good point Density. That is why I wish absinthe was available in mini bottles (although I understand why they are not). The only absinthe I have found in mini bottles is Grande and LTV
  23. I'll add Logan Fils (my first "absinthe"), Pere Kermann (gift), and anything that involves you putting a bag of herbs in Everclear for any amount of time. I'll also second (or third or tenth) the fact that LTV is absolute crap.