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  1. Welcome! It looks like you have really done your homework. Those are some amazing choices you have made. After only having Absente before you are in for a treat. I am interested to see how you enjoy these absinthes.
  2. Brian, I tried sending a couple of messages but they are not showing up in my "Sent Messages" folder. I don't know if this is a error on my end or not. If you haven't gotten a PM from me let me know please. THANK YOU!
  3. Funny that I started the thread and forgot to watch the show OR set it to record. Oh well, I'll find it online. Glad to hear it was good.
  4. I don't have a ton of information about this but I thought I would mention it... There is a TV show called "American Treasures" that evidently has two guys who go around and authenticate items from the past (once again, I have never seen it, so sorry about the ambiguity). Well, this Tuesday, 3/8, there is an episode that features a rare absinthe fountain from New Orleans. The cool part is I believe the commercial features Ted Breaux, I am not sure, it was a very brief clip. Here is a link to the episode guide: http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/american-treasures/episodes.html
  5. Incredibly informative. A big thank you for this Brian!
  6. Mario, I don't think you should feel bad about brining it up. Even if it is misinformation, it is still something regarding absinthe that you came into contact with, and therefore is good to bring to the WS forums. I think debunking bullshit is more important than discussing fact sometimes.
  7. I am nearing the end of my first bottle and think it is a fantastic absinthe, but actually tend to favor the Perroquet, which seems to not be usual among WS members. Although there are days when the BdJ is my favorite. I would highly recommend both.
  8. Back to the "dick riding" that one can do with the Herbsaint... Was this a special packaging of Herbsaint that I can buy. The Herbsaints that I have seen don't have dicks. I have a lot of female friends who might be interested in trying this "Limited Edition".
  9. First, Welcome. Second, I agree with what everyone has said so far, especially Ryan's recommendation of www.drinkupny.com. They have a great selection and free shipping if you order over $100 or booze. However, of the local choices you have at your disposal I would say Vieux Carre is easily the best choice. Of course that is personal opinion. I would definitely say stay away from the Grande. It is not very good and have never heard of anyone, liking it (unless they never had real absinthe before).
  10. I'm actually okay with this trend. I don't need a ton of parsley around when I am trying to eat my steak. Ahem... so yeah. That was a good article in the magazine.
  11. I have to say I love sushi as well. One cool thing is that a local restaurateur closed his sushi shop recently and is selling out of one of the major local supermarkets. It is really strange to get decent (not out of this world amazing, mind you) sushi from a grocery store. Definitely no complaints though.
  12. At least I am not the only one. The price is attractive, but after my recent purchase of a "deal" I am a little gun shy. I'll wait for an opinion from someone who has tried it.
  13. I was just checking out Hi Time Wine's website and stumbled upon this: http://www.hitimewine.net/istar.asp?a=6&am...50&subsize= N1 Absinthe produced by Manguin Distilleries. Here is the description for people who don't want to click on the link: Since the ban of absinthe in 1915, the green fairy has plunged into a deep slumber. She has now reawakened with Manguin Distilleries creation of N1 Premium Absinthe. This French spirit is produced with a blend of the highest grade herbs and plants. N1 Absinthe’s plant infusions let you enjoy the drink like the immortalized poets, painters and writers. All I could find was that Unique Import's deals with it (the same people who work with Pere François). Any experience with this?
  14. Nice comments on that video, Marcelo and Scott. I agree about that guy (the SPIRITS MANAGER!) being a fool. His ignorance is at once shocking and disgusting. It is worth watching the video solely for the unintentionally hilarious quotes. A few favorites moments include when he says that the Kübler was a white absinthe, "whatever that means." Also, when he says there were a lot of sugar notes, but he has no idea what they did, "I don't want to say they 'added' sugar" (when the bottle is labeled Liqueur). It isn't only that he is ignorant, it is that he is so willfully ignorant. Not even trying to know the littlest bit of information on what he selling.
  15. Absomphe, to give you an idea of how bad it was I didn't even finish the glass. Something I haven't done since Pere Kermann.
  16. Exactly what Ron said. In my case, the only reason to buy Versinthe is if you were on your third or fourth Perroquet, was scanning some forums, saw a "sale", then decided to take a gamble based on some comments about how Versinthe was "okay" (as a liqueur). Normally though, there is no excuse to buy Versinthe.
  17. I will be sure to try it out in some cocktails, Babble. Oddly enough, even though I drink quite a bit of absinthe I almost always drink it with just water and sometimes with sugar, but never really in cocktails (aside from the occasional Sazerac). I know I am missing out on a whole world of drinks, but I just enjoy absinthe in the traditional manner. It looks like this purchase might be quite beneficial after all, since I will have a lot to use in cocktail trials.
  18. Point taken Brian. To be honest, even though I have tried quite a few absinthes I still feel a bit inexperienced compared to a lot of members. I realize that is ass backwards thinking though, since most people I believe just want a larger range of opinions. I will start posting reviews.
  19. I just got a bottle (actually two) of Versinthe due to a great "deal" that I couldn't pass up. To put it simply: as an absinthe this is, in my opinion, is terrible. I understand it is a liquer, and therefore not a true absinthe, but I still prepared it traditional style just to see how it would be. First off, the color is yellow. Not yellowish, but yellow. Kinda like the yellow that Lucid becomes after it has been open for awhile (my Lucid did at least, maybe not all). The louche is the only redeeming factor, as it seems almost exaggerated with every drop making very distinct trails. The smell and taste are terrible. The finish is what really kills me. Just shit. I wish I would have exerted an little bit of self control and waited for some opinions of the WS before I bought these bottles, but I impulsively bought them. If I would have waited I would have read Joe's comment about NOT buying these and would have had an extra $40 in my wallet. So my advice is NOT to buy Versinthe, unless you are only using them in cocktails, which I haven't done yet, but some on the boards have endorsed.
  20. Well... it looks like my post will not be deleted. For now at least. buddhasynth- it looks like yours was taken down. I don't know why...
  21. Sardonix, I am with you in the minority of people who like St George. Not usual, but very tasty to me.
  22. I posted a link. Let's see if it stays.
  23. Now if I could only buy some high quality absinthe from Montana maybe I could redeem myself...