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  1. Well baubel... That sucks. I guess I need to find more booze to buy. What a shitty problem. DesertWolf... I am very jealous. In other news... Why does one or two drinks always turn into half a bottle?
  2. I need.to give La Charlotte a shot on my next drinkupny order. Actually I just need more VC and Pacifique...
  3. The Rebel Yell isn't rye, but I am returning to the liquor store tomorrow to stock up on various items and am picking up some rye (Bulleit) and will definitely give that a shot. Whenever I can mix numerous high proof boozes in to one glorious drink I am happy.
  4. Rebel Yell Kentucky Bourbon. Cheap and not too bad. Sold
  5. I have an absinthe pipe (although it is very different looking than the one in the video). Yes, I blow some bubbles in it to mix the absinthe shot stuck in the tube, and it always make me just the littlest bit happy. Like blowing bubbles in your milk when you were a kid. Just to be clear though, I have "real" glasses that I use for good absinthe. I actually haven't used the pipe in about 6 months. I pretty much just use the pipe when I am drinking something like Kübler- which might be seen as worse than the pipe in the first place.
  6. I got tricked into buying two bottles at $11 from the same place. One full bottle and 95% of another bottle remain. Pure shit...
  7. Pierre


    This thread led me to search for "Absinthe Shirts" on eBay and among the mix of decent and crappy shirts I stumbled upon a shirt that says : "Absinthe Makes the Cock Grow Faster" and right under the plain looking text, well I'll be damned if there isn't a picture of a tally wacker in all of its curved glory. As proud as can be. Kinda like it is saying, "Good morning world... today is going to be a good day." Now, I feel like I am as far away from a prude as one can be, but it seems like walking around in public with a penis on your shirt is just a tad bit bold. If you really want to see this thing here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ABSINTHE-MAKES-COCK-GR...#ht_2399wt_1148
  8. "First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you." F. Scott Fitzgerald
  9. Hmmm... Maybe I will give it a shot sometime. I feel like between the Ridge and the Pacifique you have no need to mix anything. Two stellar choices.
  10. After not drinking for a few weeks I louched up a couple of ounces of Kübler (a gift), St George, and Twin Tec. Just to clarify, that is a couple of ounces per drink... I am not some kind of weirdo who mixes up his absinthe into some kind of hybrid or anything....
  11. Sorry about that Rustic guys. Actually... blame my girlfriend, she is the one who gave it to me as a "gift".
  12. I ended up at this tattoo parlor/bar called King Ink last Thursday night. It was $20 for a 2 hour open bar affair, but I saw a sign on the wall that said "Absinthe Shots: First- $15, Second- $10, Third- $5". After asking is these were included in the open bar (which they weren't), I told the guy I would get a round (I had two friends with me) and asked what they had on the menu, since the waitress said they had about 7 brands. He said, "Grande" so I asked what else... long story short that was all they had left. The good part is that I saw how they prepared the absinthe and it defies logic. They fill a shot glass (skull shaped of course) about half way with the absinthe, light it on fire, then fill the rest of the shot glass with absinthe until it overflows, setting not only the absinthe but the counter top of the bar itself on fire. Then they blow it out and shoot it. I think I made the right decision by not getting those shots.
  13. 20 absinthes for $30 seems like an amazing deal. I looked around their site and didn't see a list available. Does anybody know anymore about this event? It might be worth the short trip.
  14. Thank you Legates! My soul is slowly coming back, but I think it is angry with me. Now I just have to deal with the complaints that my liver gave me and I should be whole again.
  15. Thank you everybody! I did indeed have a great day, I spent the last few days in Vegas with a couple of friends. Which is why I am writing this reply on a phone with a half broken screen. It is also why I am now pretty sure I don't have my soul anymore.
  16. I was about to ask the same thing Derrick. I am on the mailing list and haven't received an email yet. Can you maybe just post anymore details (i.e. checkout code) here, Big Mike? Thank you for the heads up though. Sounds like a great deal if it pans out.
  17. All is well with me, thank you for asking. Actually I personally encountered very little weather of any kind, aside from some rain and thunder. Kind of lucked out. My 20 minute commute did take about an hour and half with the panic, despite leaving the office early, but that is why they make iPods.
  18. WHAT?! You didn't get sucked up by a tornado? I thought it was a delayed rapture with the pandemonium going on in St Louis today.
  19. I will admit, despite knowing better, that I am apprehensive about writing my first review. If I was lucky enough to write Brian quick enough, I will be forced to, and I am sure a lot more reviews will follow. I guess it is because I am used to reading very eloquent, very educated (in terms of palate and herb distinction) reviews from everyone. I know this is the wrong mentality, but it is still there.
  20. It was one of those nights when you eat amazing BBQ and end up drinking an entire bottle of rum with one of your buddies and try to hurt another bottle. The decisions we make...
  21. Exactly Ron. Have you noticed when anyone who ever has talked about a "tripping" experience NEVER knows the brand of absinthe that they drank? It is always some BS story about how they wandered in to some store in Prague or Paris, or some other European city and saw an old bottle of absinthe that they drank and then proceeded to have this crazy drug-like experience. It is bullshit and they know it, but they stick by it. Trust me... if a booze ever made me hallucinate (whether I liked it or not) I just might jot the name of it down. It might have made more of an impression than some random "really dusty bottle". But no- these people always seem to "forget" it, purely to tell some shit story to try to impress people.
  22. I read the article so quickly I didn't even notice the comments. Thanks for the heads up Joe. Also, a big thank you to Brian for properly representing absinthe and the Wormwood Society once again. Great stuff.
  23. Yeah, I posted that when I was at work earlier but meant to add a disclaimer for that stupid line. It is shame too, since it wasn't a bad article until that bullcrap.
  24. Apologies if this has been posted already, but here is an article about the ban lift from the Huffington Post. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/04/a...alia__Regulated