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  1. Hello All, It has been awhile since I have been on here, but an odd bottle of Absinthe has compelled me back. I received a bottle of St George with the monkey playing the skull with bones. I believe I read that this was a rejected label from 2008. Is this the new label or did I get a weird rarity?
  2. Since I have gone missing for 2 years I feel like I should give a short reintroduction. Love absinthe, have been drinking it (good and bad), for around 12 years. Live and work in St Louis in the restaurant industry and enjoy it all from food to drink. Apologies for the brevity.... absinthe makes me all tuckered out.
  3. Have you tried this yet Brian (or anyone else for that matter)? I have had a few glasses and I really enjoy it.
  4. 100% agree Clement. Just had to double check that we had no pressing issues. Fortunately- it looks like I will be able to make the trip! It is shaping up to be an amazing trip overall.
  5. Thank you very much! I will have to ask my father if the schedule would permit this, but I would of course love to tour as many distilleries as possible.
  6. Thanks everyone for the help. I am happy to report I will be able to visit the Pernot distillery while in France. Should be fantastic, I can't wait.
  7. Hello all. Sorry to be a stranger as of late, but I need to pop in for some guidance. Does anyone know if there are any distilleries in France that offer tours or are tourist friendly. I will be going to France next month with my dad and will be doing a little bit of traveling around, so we were curious if there were any tours. I already have some placed in Paris noted thanks to the forums. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Just a follow up. The batch number here in St Louis is US0411. I will be passing on this bottle.
  9. That batch number seems familiar, but I will definitely check when I drop by there again later this week. The back of the bottle mentions that they only made "dozens" of bottles per batch which is what made me surprised (and intrigued) that it was in a liquor store with a somewhat limited supply of absinthe.
  10. Just saw this absinthe at the local liquor store today. A little surprising since they didn't carry much more than Grande and St George. Does anyone have any word on the new batches being better than the old ones? Given the $90 price tag I think I will be saving my money, but figured I should ask.
  11. Having some St George after a nice dinner with the family. I had some Pacifique and VP before the nice dinner. As well as some Ridge Blanche during the nice dinner. On a side note, it is nice to be back to the WS forums after a several month absence. Don't worry though... I never took an absence from absinthe.
  12. With that wagging tongue, salad tossing comes to mind more than fixing... Very nice fountain. I have only had the European Mansinthe, but I believe it is identical to the US release. I found it enjoyable for sure. I like Kübler for the sole reason that it is super middle of the road. I think somewhere here referred to it as the equivalent of a "house wine" which seemed like a great comparison. The St George is a polarizing absinthe but something I definitely enjoy. The louche is inappropriately thick and the taste is unique, so it fits the bill perfectly when I am in the mood for something different.
  13. My favorite part of the video came at about 3 minutes and 55 seconds into it.
  14. As everyone said, very nice! Great choices to accurately showcase the drink.
  15. So the only thread that involved this absinthe was about 3 years old so I decided to start one as a caution to anyone coming in contact with it. Lamesinthe came in a nice bottle and after some searching it appeared to be a relabeled Versinthe (read: shit). It even came with a spoon that has "Versinthe" emblazoned on it. However, as opposed to Versinthe this louched up quite well as a normal absinthe should. That is where the similarities end. It is the same macerated, super bitter crap as I expected. Don't buy it. The label is nice though, so it won't go to waste as it will look nice on my liquor shelf.
  16. I am in the same boat Crow. Hoarding what I have hoping my notes to Santa don't go unnoticed. Not sure if I my naughty to nice ratio is up to par...
  17. That's why I lurk around the Planned Parenthood, Baubel.
  18. I'll have to assume that you are right. For better or worse, I have yet to eat a pregnant woman.
  19. So the great news is my 88 year old grandfather made the trek from France to St Louis for Christmas. I got excited when he mentioned to my father that he picked up a couple of bottles of absinthe for me as well. He has done this before, bringing mainly Libertine. Not too great, but I always finish the bottle and am okay with it. This time though he brought me two gems... Bottle one- Absente. Yep, Absente. Nothing too special here, but I do enjoy the little clip art of the pregnant woman with the slash through it. I assume this means that Absente is NOT made with macerated pregnant woman. I find this comforting. Bottle two- Lamesinthe. After some poking around this seems like some variation of Versinthe (which I already have a bottle of sitting full on my shelf.) The positive here is that the label on the Lamesinthe is very nice, so it won't look bad sitting on my shelf for a few decades. It is good to know that he bought these at a local market, so I guess the selection in some smaller cities in France isn't that good. Makes me not feel too bad about my local absinthe selection.
  20. He recently put out a teaser (or something, I am not sure) for his new album. It includes music from the song "Born Villain". Here is a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiMrr9k5qIw...kipcontrinter=1 Warning: There are some naughty bits and weird images so if you don't want to yadda yadda...
  21. Haven't had the Duplais yet, but I would go for the Ridge as well. Although of the three choices, I don't think you will be let down by any of them.
  22. Looks like this was posted in the comments section today: "If you’re from wormwoodsociety.org activate my account on your forums (username is sicknight) and i’ll post a reply to your thread. Obviously we’re just trying to post anything related to partying, etc. If you guys come up with an article will replace this one with that one and credit you."
  23. I started the night with a nice dose of St George followed by Blanche Fest 2011... A couple glasses of La Maison Fontaine (to kill the bottle), some Kübler, and a couple of La Valotes.