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  1. I researched the others the night before - scouted out the store Saturday, went back to buy this morning. I didn't look up the St George though, because I had already "decided" without knowing the prices. Looking back at the reviews I don't have high hopes for it - but even if it isnt great I'm only our $23-24 for the small bottle I picked up. I think I'll give that one a try first - just because.
  2. I've been away from the forum for quite a while - it's ok that you guys probably didn't notice, because I wasn't very active I've been quietly enjoying my absinthe while I've been away... and while I was down in Chicago this past weekend I had a chance to pick up some new ones - so I thought I'd get back on the forum! I picked up some Leopold Bros batch 49, a small bottle of St George, and a bottle of Amerique rouge. I checked reviews on the site ahead of time. I actually had planned to get a bottle of Vieux Pontarlier and the Leopold, until I saw the price of the Vieux ... So I made a last minute switch and got the St George and the Amerique. Anyway... That's my story! Planning to try at least one tonight.
  3. Everything went very well last night! We started out the evening with dinner at a Japanese steakhouse - then sat around being overstuffed for a while before we got into the "absinthe portion of the evening"... As far as rating the absinthe: All 5 were mixed 3:1 with ice water from a fountain. I poured/louched 2 full glasses of each, stirred it, then divided it into smaller glasses so each of the 4 of us could have a sample. 2 people picked Mansinthe as their favorite, 1 picked Pacifique. Obsello was rated as Number 2 by 2 people - the other rated Kübler as #2. Only one person wrote the number ratings on their card - so I can't give a final tally for the rest of the votes though - but we did discuss them for a bit before we moved onto the "pig out on chocolate and cheese while playing games on the Wii" portion of the evening. The 2 guys enjoyed all of them, but the 2 ladies (my wife tried each but didn't rate them) both came to the conclusion that they don't like absinthe. I gave everyone "comment cards" to write notes on each of them so we could share afterward. My friend's wife was very descriptive in her comments. A few comments on specific drinks - and "numbers" from the one person that wrote them on the cards (leaving my own out since I was biased coming into the tasting): Lucid - generally agreed to be fairly sweet with a strong anise flavor. "6 out of 10" Mansinthe - "Tastes like a summer day in an herb garden"; "Tongue getting numb. Slightly more bitter. Pungent yet surprisingly smooth given higher alcohol content"; "10 out of 10" Obsello - "less licoricey but still licoricey"; "lemony finish"; "Slightly more bitter than Kübler"; "7/10" Kübler - "watered down version of Lucid"; "Black licorice"; "8.5/10" Pacifique - "A summer day has rained and that is Pacifique" (a comment in the "fresh" aroma and flavor); "Harsher than others with additional lemony flavor" (I think I accidentally made his slightly stronger than the intended 3:1 ratio); "Fairly Sweet"; "7/10" My friend's wife took a lot of great pictures of the evening - I hope to be able to share some of those in the near future when she emails them to me.
  4. Being a geek... I took a pic of the work in progress...
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I will do them all without sugar, and give them the chance to add some after. I was going to sweeten the Obsello because I found I liked the taste a little better with sugar - but I also like it sans sugar. I recall reading in one of the reviews on the forum that someone had found it better with sugar when the bottle was new, and better without sugar after it had been opened for a while.
  6. Tonight is the "big night"... 2 of my friends and one of their wives are going to be doing the "tasting" this evening. To prepare I went up to the Salvation Army and and spent about $9 for a 18 small glasses that look appropriate for the event. 10 look like this: (fountain is fogged up because I just finished washing the uranium glass marbles and added them ) the others have a slightly shorter bowl/longer stem and slightly wider mouth. My wife is making little color coded tags (like wine glass marker thingies - technical term) and little tasting cards so we can get some fun notes on what they think. We will be doing Swiss cheese fondue and dark chocolate fondue with extra dark chocolate pieces to eat as well. Will be serving: Pacifique (no sugar), Obsello (with sugar), Kübler (no sugar), Mansinthe (undecided on sugar), and Lucid (probably no sugar). Plan is to pour each into a proper absinthe glass for the "show" and divide up each sample into the tasting glasses - later they can choose their favorite to enjoy more of. I know I'm overthinking the process, but I just wanted to post up for any other newbies that want ideas Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  7. Just a little update to this: We were talking with my mother in-law about the cool glasses I got and she said "I think grandpa has something like that!" So we called him up and he said he has a full set of glasses that we can have! He has been buying/selling antiques for most of his life - so that is pretty awesome! I will post up some pictures once we pick them up - stopping by his house this weekend... hopefully we can find them (he is in Florida right now).
  8. PTAaron


    I guess I don't know much about cigars - because I have enjoyed many of the different cigars Acid has to offer... especially like the 1400cc and the Kuba Deluxe. I tried a "Nasty" (red one) and thought it was "interesting" ... but I believe there was also a lot of Jack Daniels consumed that night so I may not be the best judge on that one.
  9. I believe the current issue of Mutineer has a few recipes for cooking with absinthe... I was considering trying some of them out - but I enjoy drinking it too much to use it up cooking!
  10. I would be curious if they could give you a logical reason why the community doesn't need that type of establishment when it does need "dive" bars. An absinthe bar would (in my opinion) be akin to a martini bar in that it would potentially bring in more upscale patrons - going on the assumtion of course that pricng would be higher than $3 happy hour pricing at the local hole in the wall. Best of luck in your venture, and I hope to visit someday when you get past the BS of opening you doors!
  11. That looks excellent! Thank you for sharing.
  12. Do you have any photos of the finished product?