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  1. Thanks for all the replies, most of the suggestions are in my to try list. The six I have right now are probably going to last me a while, I only have a couple of days free in my schedule to be able to sit and enjoy a couple of glasses. As a matter of fact I think I'm going to louche up a couple of glasses right now. I'll be talking with you all later, and once again thanks for the kind welcomes.
  2. I bought a bottle of each of these from Astor at the beginning of Feb. Walton Waters batch 10-2 bottle 1, and Meadow of Love batch 10-1 bottle 13. These are my two favorite Absinthes I've tried thus far. You can taste the quality, great job on these they are works of art.
  3. First off I want to introduce myself. My name's Dave and I live in the middle of nowhere Ohio. I'm 31 and until I started lurking around this message board I was really uneducated in the ways of Absinthe. Around June of last year I almost got taken by one of those brew your own Absinthe kits. I did enough research on the web to know I was making a mistake. So I went to my local liquor store instead. Low and behold they had three different kinds of "Absinthe". They had Mata Hari, Grande Absente, and Pernod 68. I bought both Absente and Pernod. It took me a little while to even be able to stand the taste of them. During this time I found the WS forums and realized I didn't have real Absinthe just some colored crap cashing in on the name. So while I was drinking the crap I was educating myself on the real deal. So not to long ago I had a little extra money to spend and I bought some real Absinthe. I bought a bottle of Walton Waters, Meadow of Love, Mansinthe, Pacifique, Lucid, and La Charlotte (mainly for the price, and just to try it. Man that is one bitter drink .) As my budget lets me I'm going to try some other quality Absinthes. My favorites are the Meadow of Love, Walton Waters, Pacifique, and Mansinthe. Any suggestions on what I should try next? Once again thanks for being educational, and helping me discover my new favorite drink.