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  1. Well sitting here in my hotel room, after a day of class's. I am sipping my Kübler 53. I forgot to bring my glass, sugar and spoon. So I am using a paper coffee cup, and a packet of sugar from the condiment bag from the coffee pot. Sadly, my first cup I used way to much water, so I will prepare a second one here shorty.
  2. I was happy to find a local (Killeen Tx) store that has Kübler 53. So for my weekend trip to Dallas I will Have something New to try!
  3. Gatesville is where I Live, Fort Hood is where I Work. Austin and San Antonio are about a two, two and a half hour drive for me. I will be in Dallas this weekend.
  4. Thanks i will see if I can get that main page up and rolling for me. Well, I well have to find another way to order. Because Drink-up NY is not allowed to ship to Texas.... Anyone know if there's a place to buy them with-in the state?
  5. I seem to be unable to log into the main page of The Wormwood Societywebsite. Was still reading the reveiws on other brands. Can anyone help me with that?
  6. Hello from Texas, My name is Ken. I've used the handle of Invaliduser/Lordinvalid ever since I started gaming online. If anyone was wondering. I am very new to Absinthe, my wife bought me a bottle of Absente. Seemed a little sweet so I started looking around online and found this society. Ive spent the last few days reading the history, and posts. I have learned a lot in a short period of time. The only brands sold at the local spirits shop are Lucid and Absente.My wife choose the Absente because it came with the spoon. I plan on getting a bottle of Lucid, since most consider what I have now to be overpriced liqueur. I am looking forward to trying it and many other brands. I bought my first Glass on Ebay last night, an inexpensive pontarlier. I was also looking at fountains, but after reading the thread on making your own I will be attempting to make one myself instead. Hope everyone is having a great day.
  7. Nah, just found it odd that Ebay has allowed it to stay up.They a policy against selling alcohol. At least I beleive they do. Sorry really didnt mean to make a fopa with my first post. It will not happen again. I cant seem to edit the that posting .
  8. Found this while looking for a Glass. I promise to make a proper introduction soon. I am not sure if Ebay will leave it up, Since he claims the bottle is full....