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    Morel Sauce

    I really don't understand the nutmeg craze in cook books. Can you definitively, regardless of the form, taste it in the end and it is a flavor that you like? I literally just poured some in my mouth, and the flavor, while boring, did not last long and did not even take a splash of water to remove. Even if you were to pick the nut off a tree and to grate it immediately into what ever you were cooking, if you are using heat the aromatic compounds that constitutes its flavor would be lost.
  2. Sauté about 5 or more cloves of minced garlic (and if you think garlic comes from a jar, don't even bother) and about half a minced onion in a quarter cup of olive oil until soft. Add two 5 oz cans of chopped clams, juice and all. Reduce by two thirds. Add a large can of diced tomatoes (28 oz) and simmer for a bit, and then add a can of tomato paste. Adjust salt to your preference and adjust acidity to your preference using sugar.
  3. I bet you could make some good beer in the green thing, otherwise I would say that I had no idea that my grandma was that into absinthe.
  4. Absinthe by definition of the trinity is not a culmination of herbs historically grown in any particular region. When one gets into ancillary herbs used this gets even dicier, they span most of the world and you would be hard pressed to find a combination of herbs used that was grown in any particular region, historically speaking. This is analogous to a Italian tomato sauce when tomatoes are not native to Italy but rather to North America.
  5. Have you ever tried this with heavy whipping cream and sugar, per a standard mousse?
  6. Even I don't have that much time. ...on your hands.
  7. The local favorite is crystal skull vodka. My bud that runs a bar had a couple up for decoration. Vodka that comes in a glass skull. I asked for half a shot which was still ridiculously expensive and I knew it was going to be a hot pile of trash, but if I did not not taste that hot pile of trash, I could not say that for certain. Needless to say it was a hot pile of trash. In fact the cheapest vodkas you can buy here are not that bad. I would rank it slightly above Bowmans.
  8. postmodernists are such iconoclasts
  9. I feel like my posts have jet lag, in a general relativity sense.
  10. Quick question: how does one troll in their own intro? Would this imply that I'm trolling myself? The keyboard attached to my computer no longer functions, but ther was a spare one lying around. On the brighter side homeade raspberry ice cream on top of homeade rhubarb and strawberry pie is quite nice.
  11. Well as Warhol said: don't read what people write about you, just measure it in inches.
  12. I still want to try Voyager. Last time I tried to order it they were out. The most exotic thing I can get around here is Hendricks, which tastes muddy and burnt in my opinion. Which is a shame, because I do like gin. Believe it or not, Bogums makes some really good offerings in this category.
  13. I perfer a few rocks at well, this has nothing to do with burn. I think she opens up a bit with a little water.
  14. That site (www.weirdpuppyshit.com) does not exist. You got my hopes up, and then let me down, tease.
  15. Perhaps I sould perform periskylakismos, and rub out all this bad energy with puppies.