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  1. Oh, yes! Babylon Berlin... has some pretty good depictions of absinthe, and in several episodes. And it's a very good show too about "life" (?) in the German Weimar Republic in 1929, and I guess just before the stock exchange crash. So Berlin is pretty vibrant, but it also has some problems (which we all know led to a useless painter and a bum from Austria taking the role of Fuehrer). Well. About absinthe in Babylon Berlin: There's no burning. The absinthe louches. And they use a glass fountain as Austin-Verdegris said above. But I don't think that kind of glass fountains were available in 1929, so that's the one bad remark I had. But otherwise I think they showed it in all the right manners (I guess). Abinthe is quite frequent (sort of) but in a rather shady way. Yes. Absinthe was never banned in Germany. But in the show it's more or less a drink served in brothels.. And that I don't know if it has some truth to it? ... Beside the episode described by A-V above, absinthe is depicted in at least two more episodes but then only louched up in glasses (bubble glasses). And there's also another kind of fountain you can see in the background some times... I just can't say what episodes (exactly) because I've been watching the show on SVT (Swedish National Television) and there they've combined two Netflix episodes into one. More about the show: Look it up on IMDb if you want to know more. But just to give you quite a good representation of what you can expect, watch a short "tribute" here on YouTube. I'd like to say it's a must see... the whole series that is! PS: Here's the absinthe (with the fountain) scene, but dubbed to Russian (I guess) @ vimeo. PPS: There's not a lot of nazi hooligans in this show. Very few actually. I don't know just how historically accurate that is, but to my knowledge Berlin was quite a big communist (or red) stronghold, at least compared to Munich and (I guess) before 1931 to 1933. (?)
  2. A tad old (I know) but maybe (not) worth seeing anyhows. https://youtu.be/JGZgdxnEn9I?t=7m56s It's Qi season 4 (from 2006) ep4 of 11. I know it's mainly entertainment but for a show dealing with fun and/or stupendous facts I think they should get it quite right... in the end at least. PS: Couldn't get embedding of the video to work. DS
  3. Hi (and sorry if I've not searched well enough). But, I just wonder if someone here knows what has happened to the premium information site about thujone (www.thujone.info)? Has it been moved to another domain or is it simply shut down, and if so, is there an alternative (just as good)?
  4. Dilution ratio for me also works better with about 4 or 5 to 1. At least when I drink premium absinthes (like Jade 1901 or Nouvelle-Orléans). Premium absinthes is quite expensive though, but I think you should also try Libertine 72 or perhaps Soixante-Cinq.
  5. + 1 Exactly the same for me as the clown of the rising sun said. NIN (and Trent Reznor) is also one of my absolute favourite musical.. projects.
  6. I understand I was a bit narrow-minded from the start here. About Spain I just focused on (or thought about) the Pernod Fils production, more or less, and ignored the fact there actually could be other producers as well. The Japanese Hermes I've heard about but I thought it was produced only up to the beginning of the 70's, as latest. How about any absinthes produced in Cuba? I understand that Hemingway, for example, bought Cuban absinthe? Or was it actually just imported to Cuba? (Any red* absinthes perhaps?) *) As in "a red moon" discussed by the American administration during the 50's and 60's. Not red in color.
  7. Wow! I had no idea about La Fée being that "far" ahead*, and I've just skimmed their history @ http://www.lafeeabsinthe.com/content/view/236/ Looks like a really fascinating story and I'll read through it when I have a little more time. (I just hope that it wasn't their bohemian style that came at the turn of the millennium, or that it wasn't the only one. I actually thought, for quite a long time, that La Fée was just another crappy fauxsinthe.) *) I have to say that I do understand the story behind the name La Clandestine (and the term la bleue) though. So to say that La Fée (probably) was the first isn't accurate at all... But, hey! It was me asking about what absinthe was released first on the open market. Edit: Oh, by the way.. Have there been any (real) absinthe legally produced (and sold) anywhere between, say 1975 to 1995?
  8. I just wonder if the first legal (and of course genuine) absinthe to hit the open market during the absinthe resurrection could be Lucid, or maybe Clandestine? Or perhaps any other? I guess Lucid and Clandestine at least was among the first?
  9. Duplais sure is a brand for me too. (And Mansinthe from the same producer of course.) I can't really say that I've got any VdT favorites either, at least yet, apart from Blanche Neige that for a blanche I found to be a real treat. I've had Kübler back in 2011 but I'll probably not buy that again. Not that it's a bad absinthe in any way but I just found Blanche Neige sooo much better. (I just hope that they'll release the latter in a 50cl bottle some time soon.) Kübler doesn't really get much help either, for me, due to the company (or it's owner) being such a major player, as I understand it (?), in the efforts for an IGP regarding the general term absinthe initially. So I guess I'd say I agree, in a way or another, with your remark about them just "making a virtue of necessity" At least I feel a bit about them too, but I can't find any specific reason to maintain a personal boycott any longer though. I'm just aware now about them not playing nice so to speak. (I guess I have to say that my purchase of Blanche Neige was a "mistake" though. I think it was released during my boycott... yes, it was in december 2013. My only excuse is that it came with an offer I found hard to resist.)
  10. Well, I also truly think it's over by now and I'm glad it's so. I don't think the Association interprofessionnelle de l'absinthe will appeal the verdict to the Swiss supreme court after this good news. (But something (?) also makes me hope that the expiration date for such an appeal has passed.) For all I care they can have an IGP for the regional labeling and marketing as described by themselves in this pdf file (that would certainly be the "logical route" as you said). So common sence has now prevailed, even within the AIA it seems. And now I can also buy some of the fine absinthes from VdT again, as I said before, without any bad feelings about it. Edit: A google translation from the pdf says: "While deeply disappointed with this decision, it acknowledges and renounces appeal to the Federal Court to avoid a sterile battle with no real chance of success. However, this defeat does not disturb anything in the will of the members" Well... Too bad common sence hurt their feelings.
  11. Well, Marlow. My personal boycott is over, or at least it will be soon. I just need some kind of confirmation on this (and as reported in Georges Meliès post no. 638 above) and also that the issue regarding the general term absinthe is now over and can't be resumed again.
  12. Back in the -80's, as a teenager, I got introduced to Pernod (the pastis) together with Raspberry soda and I thought it tasted excellent.. Then many years later (in 2010) I found out that I could actually buy the legendary drink Absinthe, but before buying I did a little research and found out that Pernod (!) was actually absinthe (back in the day)... Well, well. That's it then, I thought. But I also found out, through WS and absinthe.se, that Pernod Absinthe wasn't really somehing to strive for. So I got two small bottles (20cl) of Mercier Abisinthe and Verte de Fougerolles "instead" and I simply loved it. I've never been a real fan of Whisky, Vodka or Cognac for instance, but I found out that proper absinthe... Well.. That's really my kind of poison!
  13. Finishing the weekend with some Libertine and François Guy (thus getting somewhat druhnk... (again)).
  14. Nice summary of most things that's worth knowing about absinthe.
  15. Something tells me that it is so, Brian. But I have to try the new recipe anyway... some day... preferably as cheap as possible.