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  1. hi everyone, thanks for all the help, just another quick question is there another vert that anyone would recommend besides the fougerolles? riotous p.s. jack i hope its a wee bit more than 12% tastier, i've drank a whole lot of raki in m day...
  2. Hi everyone, Just want to say hello and what a great site this is. I've been thinking about trying a bottle of absinthe for awhile and your site has been a wonderful resource, I've learned a lot here, and after entirely way too many hours spent here instead of studying for law school, I've finally settled on a couple of brands that I think would make good first bottles. I think I am going to go with a bottle of hill's and one of king of spirits....just kidding, I think im going to go with the verte de fougerolles and the lemercier 72 amer. One of the bottles is for my brother for christmas, so I can't just buy one bottle of jade like I want. I picked those two for price and on reviews, the two seem different enough to give a good sample, and honestly because I want to drink something green (at least at first). Does anyone have any thoughts or other recommendations? Again this is a great site and everyone seems friendly and helpful, looking forward to getting to know everyone. Thanks, riotous ps. I was going to order from the absinthvertrieb site, has anyone had any experience with them (i.e. shipping times, reliability)?