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  1. I know this might not be the best place to post this topic, but seeing as to how the Denver section is dead in 'Absinthe in Cities Around The World' I wanted to make sure all my fellow Coloradans knew about this. "The Foundrey" bar on Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado closed its doors this last November and was bought out by Eric Turner and Alfonso Natarelli, co-owners of the Green Fairy Bar in Copper Mt. CO., and have since then decided to turn it into a European/Absinthe themed restaurant/bar/nightclub. I'm stoked!!! Anyone else you lives in and around Colorado let me know what you think so we can get a group together and check out the grand opening, which is apparently at the end of this summer. Here is the link to the article: http://www.coloradodaily.com/business/ci_1...8#axzz0rYVVznlJ
  2. I see the recent topic on opium with many references to entertainment mediums but with no actual links to any reliable sources. In light of that, my friend keeps on insisting that once upon a time in some far off distant land they used opium in absinthe. I refute his notions of anything that would debase my beautiful green fairy, but alas I have no proof to prove him wrong. It has come down to he said she said basically. So anybody know of proof that opium was never used or maybe it actually was I don't know. Any actual links would be helpful too, not just cut and paste. He is a sucker for the internet and believes "if it comes from the internet, it must be true". Oh wait...that's how I get all my absinthe info. j/k. Please discuss. As always any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks guys!!!
  3. So I gather from everybody's responses that the answer to my question is "not likely". That's sad to know that its not any better in Europe either. I had no idea. I just assumed because that's where it is made. I have had Leopold Bros. and I can find it quite easily in many liqueur stores in and around Denver, so I naturally assumed it would be the same way in Europe. Oh well, I will just keep on wishing.
  4. Okay I am a little annoyed right now. I'm coming on the end of some very good absinthes in my possession such as (Peroqquet, Jade1901, Roquette, La Coquette, Doubs Mysitique, Viex Pontarlier). As you can see I am a sucker for the Emile Distillery. It's sad, and yes I can buy more, but I grow tired of waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Sometimes I get envious thinking how people in Europe can just go to their local liqueur store and have the same selection of Absinthe as we do Whiskey and just buy it on a whim with no delay. Arghhhhh, instant satisfaction. So my question is.--Is there ever going to be a day when America stops getting its panties all up in a bunch and lets more of the European brands migrate to the states? Or is it just wishful thinking?
  5. well the trick i use to get rid of the wax fast is to tap it with a very sharp knife quickly, usually gets the job done in a few seconds. the trick to opening the cork is not in how you necessarily open it but the shape of the actual screw itself. use the more flat edged screw over the rounded one. the flat one tends to have more surface area to latch onto the cork over the rounded one which tends to just silde around the cork when pulled upon, plus the flat one has edges to it to help secure the cork as well. as always when dealing with stubborn corks you cant always win but just take your time and wiggle it out nice and easy and you will better you chances. if not do what i do and always keep one good jade cork laying around just in case you do break it you can easlily replace it. hope that helps.
  6. Ohhhh man...get ready for La Coquette!!! It is the Jim Bean of Absinthes, in a good way. Can anyone suggest maybe something more pronounced than La Coquette, I'm always on the prowl for something with a little more edge.
  7. Yeah it is different for sure. Maybe if I drink half a bottle straight I will be able to solve a Differential Equation...just kidding!!! ; )
  8. I for one have the same problem. I think i might send myself to the poor house if I don't stop. I do enjoy the Marteau and Pacifique for light and pleasurable, like a summertime drink. When I want to get down and dirty I drink La Coquette, Roquette 1797, or Doubs Mystique, all of which have very distinct and stong flavor profiles imo.
  9. In my opinion it is definitely a taste preference, but I am probably not the one to ask as I do drink La Coquette, 2:1 with no sugar. Yeah... I like it strong!
  10. Yep...i figured as much, I guess I should have clued in when the article was focused on the "effects" of absinthe rather than the actual disposition of the drink itself. Thanks for the prompt reply!
  11. I came across an article on the web that mentioned about the "absinthe effect", being more prominent when consuming absinthe at a faster rate. I for one could care less about the "effect" as I enjoy the stuff for its taste, nevertheless, I found it intriguing and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the subject. Is it true, or just another marketing gimmick? Just to note, the article said that a glass should be consumed in ten minutes or less because the effects (clarity in my opinion) wear off exponentially when compared to alcohol. Please Discuss!!!
  12. Enjoying a fine glass of La Coqeutte and got to thinking...why can't we all just give a collective shot out to absinthe as a whole? So I will start first. I truly heart absinthe and love to see that more people are accepting it and trying it out for the first time. It really has come a long way since its ban has been lifted. Cheers!!!
  13. Have you tried St. George? Normally I wouldn't recommend it, but it sounds like it may be something you might dig. It definitely does NOT have the same flavor profile as the PF 1901, but it may fit your desire as stated above! Having said that, I still must insist you try Pacifique and Marteau as well. Be careful not to overwater either of them, particularly the Pacifique. And as some of the others have mentioned, give either of the Delaware Phoenix absinthes a try (Walton Waters or Meadow of Love). I've only tried Leopold a few times, and found it to be very good. You could also try Vieux Carre out of Philly. AiO has tasted some of the most recent batches coming out of there and he's in heart with it. I have heard the St. George get thrown around a bit, it does peek my interest. Is it true too that Mansinthe is actually good?
  14. I'm not sure what you mean by "watered down" since the water to absinthe ratio is determined (usually) by the drinker. More than once, I have been guilty of becoming distracted while my glass was under the fountain and created <ick> absinthe water. Some brands of absinthe will withstand more water than others. Some are so fragile, they begin to fall apart in the glass very quickly. I usually start a new absinthe with a water-to-absinthe ratio at 3-to-1 and if it's too spicy or the alcohol is too "hot," I'll slowly add more water until I find the sweet spot. I don't mean "watered down" to be derogatory, i guess what i should have said is light. I like the light ones, but imo i prefer the creamier absinthes. Again i'm new to absinthe and will have to give the Leopold Bros. a try. Thanks again for you help.
  15. Hi to all its great to see a group online for this. I've been drinking absinthe for about 2 years now (legalized brands here in the states) and have been enjoying it very much. My friend turned me on to the Jade brand sold in Europe in particular the P.F. 1901 and since then have thought all the absinthe's sold here in the US are watered down. Now granted Jade P.F. 1901 is made by the same guy as Lucid but i tried them side by side and still I'm left with the same impression. Does anybody else know of any good brands that compare to the European brands in terms of texture and taste. I like creamy, tongue numbing, and a good strong anise flavor. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Again, excited to be here in the forums and hope to contribute more intellectually in the future.