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  1. Unfortunately, she was not available to order on the website
  2. Someone seems to be feeling some effect. Your spelling is totally screwed! I think the number one reason to drink absinthe is because it's damn tasty. The second reason is because of an incredible mystique borne of a seriously theatrical history. The buzz? Sure, it's very pleasant. I don't drink tequila because: 1. it tastes like shit 2. rotting cactus is not romantic or theatrical 3. The buzz leads me do really stupid shit I type pretty fast, I was under no effects at all when I wrote that! Talking about effects seems to be almost a tabboo here. I'll update the thread with my verdict when I have it
  3. Just to clarify, I'm not just chasing some high! I stopped using recreational drugs in the main a few years ago and have no wish to go back. I do also sense some allure and mystery to the drink, and am very much looking forward to my delivery of a well-reputed bottle in a few days for the aromas/flavour/fragrance, but I was just also curious as to whether others experience different mental states with different abstinthe blends.
  4. A shared drink of absinthe is part of my birthday celebrations next weekend
  5. Interesting. The last sentence sounds like a description of the English, so I'll be fine in that respect!
  6. Is there such a thing? I'm a newbie here as you can see, but it strikes me, from the posts I've read so far, that the users here seem to be very eloquent and make thoughtful comments. Does the average absinthe drinker tend to be well-educated, middle-class, more intelligent than average?
  7. La Fee from tescos, some standard stuff from an off license I can't remember the name of, some blue absinthe in a squarish bottle from Spain (not really absinthe then!) and some from the czech republic. I will try that ratio
  8. I think croquettes are pretty tasty myself! Luscious Oily Lesbians!. I meant La Coquette! Though, I do love croquettes! Thanks for the warm welcome
  9. Bottom line, if you're buying absinthe for an 'effect', you've got many other options available to you that provide more perceptible effects. It will never be a recreational drug any moreso than any other alcohol. But people do buy abstinthe for the effect. Whatever the secondary effects are, it seems most people percieve them. And that is part of drinkign abstinthe is it not? I don't want to take the other options. I want absinthe!
  10. Hi all I love the allure of absinthe but I've only had cheap stuff up till now. I've ordered some la croquette, which is apparently a good absinthe (any experiences?). I hope to enjoy this fine drink many times in the future! I am holding an absinthe party next week, in its honour (and for my birthday!).
  11. Thanks for the replies I fully appreciate that 'effect' is a subjective 'thing'. I also notice that there is a definite connoisseur culture associated with absinthe - you can tell that just by reading some of the threads here! There seems to be a certain mysterious allure with absinthe. For me, part of that is to do with the buzz though (buzz sounds brash, but we all know what we mean when we say it). I don't care whether the effect is placebo or not - what matters is how it feels). Now that I will get to try some quality stuff, perhaps the taste/flavour will become more important too. Up till now, I've done it in shots (queue the flames!). When I've tried mixing it with water, it tastes horrible. I'm not sure whether that's because it was cheap absinthe or I was mixing it wrong. So I guess I was just wondering whether subjectively people felt that different abstinthes give different effects - even if for others the case might be different.
  12. I've only had fairly cheap absinthe up till now, so I ordered some la croquette. Will it give a different effect or are higher price abstinthes simply for the taste/prestige? ([i do notice an abstinthe 'high' over and above alcohol, and it seems it isn't just because absinthe has such a high content)