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  1. I'm offended that none of you are offended by anyone else's offensiveness or lack thereof! It shall be your choices of weapons, at dawn, sirrahs and ma'ams! [insert glove smack sound]
  2. Beet sugar shouldn't be too hard to find out there- it's still a fairly large cash crop in Colorado and environs- not that far from you-, and always used to be priced a few cents cheaper per bag at Safeway. (I gotta say I miss my home state...) The Western Sugar Cooperative produces beet sugar in Colorado, Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming. They sell beet sugar under the GW brand, as well as other labels. I imagine if you contact them, they can point you at beet sugar products in KC. Sugar's sugar, but I always thought that the GW sugar was just a little bit less sharp tasting than cane sugar... Oh, and welcome!
  3. Well, even though you stated you wanted this to die a quiet, unlamented death, I have to respond to your earlier cleaning concerns- FFS! HAVEN'T YOU HEARD OF PIPE CLEANERS? Okay, I feel much better nao.(sic) Seriously, though- pipe cleaners are (were) what you need to clean narrow, curving crevices like that (other things are needed for narrow, curving crevices unlike that). You can bend them to fit, they come in different sizes and they're cheap enough you don't have to worry about cleaning them- they're disposable.
  4. Hiya! Good to see someone else from teh area on here! 'Though I gotta say, I haven't been all that impressed with I've been able to find in the stores down here- Kübler and Lucid are about all I've seen that's drinkable, then the ubiquitous (Grand) Absente, Green Moon, Pernod and maybe a couple other nasty ones I can't recall @ teh moment. Though, thinking about NH State liquor stores, I guess I can see how that could look like a good selection. On the other hand, at least in NH you can get stuff shipped to you...
  5. That's just crazy talk. Go straight for the tantrum.
  6. How can you have pudding if you don't beat yer meat? (W/ appy polly loggies to Pink Floyd) (And Anthony Burgess) (And everyone reading this post)
  7. Damn. I can't see past the abstract. Arrgh. Sorry- I didn't look to see if the whole paper was available (without paying the $31.50). I'll see if I can get it through my university- I think I can, but I need to jump through some hoops first. Actually, I mostly made that post to be a smartass- bad habit of mine. I agree that complexity in terms of numbers of chromatographically detectable congeners is probably not an accurate portrayal of perceived complexity- perhaps it might be with some sort of index to perceived taste, but even that would be problematic. Different people taste things differently- probably the most obvious example of this is phenylthiourea (the stuff that everyone tries in BIO101 or high school biology), that is either very bitter or completely tasteless, depending on the taster's genetic makeup. Still, it would probably be an interesting study for someone, trying to relate objective measures of complexity to organoleptically perceived flavor complexity.
  8. Musta missed that one when I was lurking. But back then they thought they only had two crates- now they've found at least seven...
  9. >.> <.< Didn't know that was your field; just a shot in the dark. No insult intended. Personally, I don't think it's possible to lean too far to the science end of things, but, then again, I'm a chem geek (one of the only two actual hard sciences ). As far as quantifying flavor profiles of liquors, quite a bit of work has actually been done on whisk(e)ys, but aside from Ted Breaux, et al, I'm not aware of much study having been made of absinthe. Not really too surprising, considering their relative market shares... Sounds to me like a thesis paper waiting for a PhD candidate.
  10. No,no, no- that would start entering subjective valuations into the analysis, and that would take it from the realm of science to art. Or, even worse, psychology.
  11. Well, one could run samples of a wide range of whisk(e)ys and absinthes on LC/MS or GC/MS, and find out which one literally is more complex. Perhaps even weight the final score in relation to how easily sensed a particular flavor compound is. [/übergeek]
  12. So, huge party at the distillery for the anniversary, right? As an aside, /me hates living in a state that prohibits mail-ordering liquor.
  13. A cache of booze from Ernest Shackleton's 1909 Antarctic expedition has been uncovered. Unfortunately, it's five crates of scotch and two of brandy; no mention of any absinthe.
  14. Nice t' meetcha, Scott! Just out of curiosity, why "brachial artery"?