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  1. By the way, the St. Marks Theatre is a bar that has 30 brands of absinthe. They have a 120 year old bar inside the theatre to the left, the kind with the low ceilings. I do not think they bought them from a distributor, because I never heard of them. The bartender said Alan Moss was there on an event once. I think its 80 St. Marks place between 1 ave and ave a in the lower east side.
  2. And there you have it, back on the shelves. Looking forward to a new year.
  3. Hey Guys you will get your product most likely this month. Due to complications with Tuthilltown and their buy out of William Grant and Sons, there has been a delay. That Delay is over. We should have product back in stock any day now. Ralph has been in a terrible car accident and was in critical condition. He is recovering but has lost some basic abilities. We wish him well, and hope he can return to rock climbing some day. I would like to make it up to anyone who has been waiting a long time. We have been sold out and have many back orders. You will get priority this month as Kamal has stocked up to avoid this ever happening again. Thank you for being patient, and we look forward to serving you. If anyone is in the New York area in February we are going to have a very large event for the brand. Stay tuned. Edward III
  4. We are releasing our second batch around January 2011
  5. This is Mark not Edward: I agree wholeheartedly about the music artists. I have met most of my hero musicians and most of them are assholes in person. Maybe because they assume you want something from them, or not. If they have a good product, they have a good product. For example: I loved the band TOOL when i was younger and liked how obscure the singer Maynard was, but when I met him a couple times he was not friendly or polite at all. It crushed my view of the band. They still make great products. Plain and simple. Hopefully if we get positive feedback, people will look past the smoke.
  6. Introducing Edward III, New York's Second Homegrown Absinthe Edward III: a not-so-green fairy.​ Mark Maurice was one of those "crazy Limelight club kids," as he puts it. One night at the club, he met a man carrying these mysterious green vials. The man told him the vials contained absinthe, and proceeded to write down a formula for Maurice, as well as the address of a holistic healer in the East Village. Upon procuring the necessary ingredients, Maurice began making his own absinthe at home. Years later, he met Edward Jahn at a karaoke night at the Chelsea Hotel. Jahn sampled Maurice's kitchen absinthe and liked it, but suggested that the formula could be improved. The two tasted, chewed, even smoked the various herbs that would go into their recipe. Soon, Edward III New York Absinthe was born. "At the time, Lucid and Kübler were the only two absinthes that had been approved," says Jahn. "By the time we were approved, there were more than 50 absinthes for sale in the U.S. About 40 of those were imports." As of next week, Edward III will be available at several bars and liquor stores around the city. (For now, it can be purchased only at DrinkUpNY.) It's the second absinthe to be made in New York since Prohibition; Delaware Phoenix Distillery's offerings being the first. This delicate, not-so-green fairy -- it's clear, made in the Swiss Blanche style -- has notes of hay and baking spices, with a clean coriander finish. It's sweet enough to be drunk without adding sugar. Just louche (dilute, slowly, with water) and enjoy. Jahn and Maurice have plans to release additional absinthes with different flavor profiles. But for now, they're on a mission to change people's perception of the spirit. It's the only alcohol product that requires a lab test to be approved, due to the wormwood content. "Vermouth and Chartreuse both contain wormwood -- and probably in higher quantities than absinthe -- but they don't have to be tested," explains Jahn. "Vermouth and Chartreuse were never demonized the way absinthe was. There's probably no liquor product more difficult to get through the U.S. government." The problem, according to Jahn, dates back to the early 1990s when a group of shrewd Czechoslovakian businesspeople realized that the spirit had never been made illegal in their country and decided to trade on its supposedly psychedelic properties. "They did a lot of damage to the reputation of absinthe," says Jahn. "During the Belle Epoque era, it was the most popular spirit in France. What Czech absinthe promoted had nothing to do with real absinthe. Anyone who's making absinthe today has to fight against that perception."
  7. Question: I had a Q and A with two master distillers, one from a Vermouth brand and one from an Italian Bitters, and both suggested to macerate herbs and bitters in water first to soak out the most for two days, then macerate in water. Can anyone speak from experience or suggest that this would work in Absinthe without having to change or scale up a formula?
  8. People have a lot of time on their hands to respond to nonsense.
  9. My guess is: c. he's trying to salvage the reputation of your brand here. Just a fun fact. ok i agree did not see it this way. These are all things that happen in a new business. The frustration with getting it out. Finances. Control, loose cannon behvaior, jealousy, and the hard final truth of turning all that into better communication. We are working through that.
  10. Ill just read for a while now and not post until I can contribute to the conversation instead of making points.
  11. I can't argue with that Brian. I do not see any positive reason for me to be here any longer. I think I am not clear with my points. I am not criticizing anyone, I am just saying if the Fed does not recognize it as a class, what we say in a legal sense is here say. Brian I like you a lot too. The strange thing was I was not claiming to know more than anyone, I was just asking everyone to stop taking themselves so seriously when until The Fed recognizes ABsinthe as a class its all here say. I do appreciate all your efforts to helping the cause. It seems I need to transform and transmute ate my anger and intolerance into positivity. Well, technically you invented YOUR BRAND and called it New York Absinthe. My presumption is that people were producing absinthe in NY before the ban, and Cheryl was making absinthe in New York before you were. Please explain. I really want to hear what you mean by this. No offense Mark, but you know a lot less about distilling (and absinthe) than most of us here. Swiss style absinthes ARE NOT just uncolored vertes. They have different recipes. Someone making a verte based on a historic recipe can't make their run and then say the clear distillate is a Swiss Blanche. It's simply an uncolored verte at that point. And if you've been reading at all on this forum over the past few days, you should have seen this discussion about some absinthe distillates being tinged. Please make sure to at least read down to post #119. WHY DO YOU KEEP SAYING THIS??? I haven't seen one person on this forum state that your brand isn't real, or even postulate that it might not be. This shows me how 'in the dark' you really are. You're several years behind the curve here. We've been working on a Federal definition for years. There have been legal classifications of absinthe in the past, and there are some in Switzerland right now. It would behoove you to do some research and become familiar with them, since many of our discussions use these as baselines to start with now. Stop being condescending. Most of our opinions are significantly more informed than yours, and ours are based in historical fact. Judging by the video you made with Samantha, yours is based more on Czechsinthe dogma and thujone madness. Do some research. Seriously. It would be in your best interest to let Edward talk while you do a LOT more historical research. You're not helping your cause at all. You're making it worse with your ignorance and condescending attitude. I like you as a person, Mark. That's the only reason we're giving you so many chances to redeem yourself. Many people would have been booted by now and labelled a shill. You would have had a lot more cancelled orders. But we're SO depserately trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. Quit digging yourself deeper and deeper holes with your uninformed absolute statements. You'd be doing yourself and more importantly, your brand, a favor. You need to realize you already have allies here, but you're alienating them more and more with practically every post you make.
  12. I have some elves here, mutual friends of Terence McKenna's, who would happily argue otherwise, my friend. See that guitar over there? It wants to kill your momma, too. Now you get it....I love the humour...you got my point! I am just trying to show We all can take ourselves too seriously at times. I am going to keep reading and learning as much as I can.. People threatening to ban me or not buy my product because board authorities do not like my opinions and ways of posting. I am not trying to harm anyone. I praise Ms. Walton Waters and Brian you assumed I was mocking her and belittling her.. It just goes to show the internet does not show human emotion and intension which is why you can't judge that I am an Obnoxious prick...my only point is that no matter how much knowledge we have..we always are learning...great real fucking profound Mark right? Luscious Oily Lesbians! I am not trying to be a troll just challenge the powers that be. Is there anything wrong with that?