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  1. Is that the Mackinac Bridge? We have one of those over here too.
  2. The guy in question greatly appreciated the hospitality. Thanks, GB. We had a great evening sampling the selection of absinthe and sour beer. I don't remember much about the late dinner but I believe that it was good as well.
  3. When I looked at the first couple pictures, I didn't even notice the bottles. Upon further inspection, that's quite a nice collection.
  4. Everytime GW posts, that avatar makes me feel blessed and happy. Even more so than my own which seems oddly 2-dimensional in comparison.
  5. Yeah, partly what I was qualifying as that oily mess.
  6. She seemed to understand that KOSG is for the flippin' birds. Or vice versa.
  7. Do you treat your gum infections with your teeth in or out? Just wondering for future reference. :P Exactly. If you chill the absinthe itself enough, you'll drop those oils out of solution without adding any water. I would advise against trying it though because you'll end up with more of an oily mess than a louche.
  8. I think that the added wormwood oil is the only difference between their regular 72 and the Amer.
  9. Actually, I immediately followed the 1914 with some Clandestine and then had the Montmartre. I waited a while before having anything else because I didn't want to wash that long aftertaste of the 1914 away. The Clandestine seemed like a decent contrast to the vintage and was OK but the Montmartre afterwards tasted nasty. Usually, I like it alright.
  10. The Montmartre and many others have a weaker louche than the Clandestine because most La Bleues tend to have more star anise added. On another note, I followed up my Pernod 1914 with some Montmartre the other night. I literally had to choke it back and considered sinking it a few times. It would be really unfortunate if the pre-ban has ruined me for all other absinthes since it's not exactly a readily available product. At least, it won't be when my bottle is finished which won't be anytime soon.
  11. Great photos. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your 1914 as much as I did.
  12. Thanks for the offer, GB. I may take you up on that. I'm there on business but the evenings should be free. I'll let you know when I get some exact dates. I'm anticipating 4-5 days some time in March but that can change.
  13. Too bad the first one wasn't in Chicago. That drive to Minneapolis took longer than I had expected. And then Deluge went and gave me the wrong digits. I could have missed the whole thing.
  14. Don't forget to visit Pizzeria Uno (or Duo) downtown for some authentic Chicago-style deep dish. All the other suggestions are great too. You might also want to check what's going on at the United Center with respect to sports or concerts. I'm going to be in Chicago next week, twice actually. Just to fly from and back to O'Hare unfortunately unless I feel motivated to head downtown for awhile.
  15. I might be able to swing a trip out there next summer. I've got this Colorado trip next week and I need to head to Boston in March for about a week. Never been to the New England area so I'm looking forward to that one. Plus, my parents will try to talk me into visiting them in Florida sometime in the next 3 months. Nothing like a trip to the Retirement State.
  16. Well, I'm going to Colorado next week. Not thinking too far beyond that at the moment.
  17. Actually, she kind of invited herself but I didn't have a problem with it. Another point worth making about the pre-ban concerns the mouthfeel. I usually use a little sugar with my absinthe to improve the mouthfeel but this Pernod 1914 surpassed anything I've ever tried without adding sugar to it. Pretty remarkable really.
  18. I was hoping the pictures would turn out OK. It was really my first time shooting with a new camera. I took a bunch of shots fiddling with different settings and lighting. Here's my Wormwood Society Christmas card.
  19. Since Hiram went and forced this thread back on topic , here goes. Reviewed by Lord Stanley 12/18/2006 COLOR BEFORE WATER 10/10 Beautiful. golden amber. Not what I would call feuille morte characteristic of most vintage absinthes. Truly liquid gold. LOUCHE ACTION 10/10 The louche creeps gracefully from bottom to top. The golden surface lingers as long as possible, like an enchanting lady gliding ever so slowly from a room knowing that everybody present is admiring her exit. COLOR AFTER WATER 10/10 Milky, opaque, glowing. AROMA 26/30 Rich, hearty wormwood with minimal alcohol heat before water. The amazing fennel and anise become more present as water is added. As mentioned before, the aroma doesn't exactly fill the room but it's nothing short of wonderful. MOUTH-FEEL 10/10 Creamy and smooth with tasty aromatic oils lingering on the palate. Thankfully, the lasting aftertaste allows one to savour the experience. TASTE 19/20 The flavours are perfectly melded into a delicious finish. Anise is predominant with a butterscotch-like quality in the background that I can only relate to past experience with Segarra 45. The overall profile reminds me of an excellent HG that I was privileged to taste a few years back, not coincidentally a Pontarlier repro obviously made with excellent herbs. I had to deduct a single point in this category to preserve hope that I might some day actually taste a better absinthe deserving of full marks. OVERALL IMPRESSION 10/10 From a purely sensory evaluation, this absinthe leaves a 10/10 impression as it is amazing under any circumstances. The opportunity to enjoy such a well preserved pre-ban absinthe makes me wish that I could "crank it up to 11" for overall impression. Lord Stanley scores 1914 Pernod Fils 95 out of 100 Golden amber liquid. Clouds a little after the drip starts. The louche works its way up but that golden ridge just seems to stay there. Once the rim disappears, you're left with a golden, milky liquid. I can only wish that the glass of absinthe sitting there only cost a franc and a half.
  20. I had intended to do just that last night but I got a little sidetracked. I was wrapping presents until around 11 - planning to relax and louche up after completing that ordeal. Just as I was finishing, I got a phone call from a certain lovely, young lady who wanted to hook up for a midnight soak in the hot tub. Not like I could turn that one down. Next thing I knew, it was almost 4 in the morning.
  21. Whether it was made 100 years ago or 100 days ago, it was meant to be consumed. Would we not be doing a disservice to the makers to leave it sitting on the shelf? On the other hand, I can't imagine bringing myself to pour that last dose. Perhaps, I'll drink it on my deathbed if I'm fortunate enough to have that opportunity.
  22. I can't believe that I've had my bottle for over a week now and still haven't found the time to sit down and have a glass. I did taste a couple drops neat while extracting some samples though and it's obviously quite exquisite. Must make more spare time...Must make more spare time...Must make more spare time...