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  1. I thought we had a good release here in Quebec till I read the reviews. This is the latest release in Quebec, Élie-Arnaud Denoix From what I read it is worse than Hills. Anyone got any comments on this brand. I think it was released in the U.S.A. as Mythe.
  2. I know the thought counts thing too well. But on the other hand I did not have to shell out $$$$ on a product that was historically infamous.
  3. The bottle I have in the picture is a gift. It spells Absinthe normally on the bottle not the way they usually do Absinth it looks to be imported thru B.C. It has the strong smell of Vodka in the glass. Whats worse is a server at the local ABsinthe bar said it was her favorite????? When I am having a beer or 2 and want to up my "Buzz" a little I have been known to pass over my better bottles and just swig a little half shot with a splash of water down,,,ZINGGGG, Any one want to trade samples hahahaha. I am sure there is someone out there with a good pre-ban that wants the Hills experience
  4. mattsback

    Get me a job

    ACHK!!!! Can't help none of ya'all my resume reads like a Mercenary,, I would volunteer as a sampler,, Wonder if that floats on resume,,professional absinthe sampler???
  5. ACHHK!!! The vintage pedals I have traded off makes me sick to think about. I still wonder where my Morley Pro Flanger that was old when I got it in the 80s' wound up.
  6. HAHA,,least someone getting a kick outa my late night Twinkee caper,, I feel guilty,,naaaaaaaa
  7. I uh,,ya have reached a new low, I put cake icing on a Twinkee,,why do I even have Twinkees,, No it is all a lie,,,,,I kinda put the icing in a bowl and dipped the Twinkee in it,, well was down 5 pounds this week. Oh ya,Taboo,,Guiness rocks
  8. As allways Guiness too, and more of the last of my Taboo,,half bottle hahahaha