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  1. Alright kids, lately my local outlets have let the variety slip. So this begs the question, what are the online absinthe buying options? I am craving something new and am not sure what outlets are good to work with and which are not.
  2. Huh I cannot believe I never posted in this thread... My first absinthe experience. I met a French air crew at a USAF sponsored air lift competition. As the festivities were being held at my home station it basically meant I got to walk around drunk for an entire week, it was great. Anyway so I meet up with the French and one of them offers me a drink, I knock it back as soon as I get it, yup straight absinthe.The French guys laugh at me and tell me I need to wait for the water, Americans always rushing into things and all. Anyway I end up drinking with them for a number of hours, it was great fun.
  3. I was one of those guys who waited in line at midnight for the release of the new Doom, I am quite happy with it. Lately I have been going between it and Fallout4, I have to say there is something quite satisfying about using the jet pack on power armor to launch aerial assaults with shoulder fired nuclear weapons...
  4. My wife has taken quite a few New Belgium Lips of Faith series bottles and turned them into drinking glasses by cutting them. The best way is to score the glass using a cutter then pour boiling water over the score, then put it under cold tap water, the glass will split quite clean, then sand and you have a perfect edge.
  5. Ill play... Drinking some Pacifique and reading the Corpus Hermeticum. This is something I have been meaning to acquire and read since a copy of the Kybolion fell into my possession about two years ago...
  6. My all time favorite brewery has to be Abby de Scourmont, there are few things I enjoy more than a Chimay Grand Reserve and religious texts.
  7. I need some, simply because of the name. Also its nice to see the proper English spelling...
  8. It is kinda sad how much of the miss information is still floating around. I end up enlightening people quite often, then telling them to buy some Pacifique and visit this site...
  9. dillon


    I Have seen Joe's absinthe louch just fine straight from a sink faucet
  10. Good to see you getting press Marc! I am still quite a fan.
  11. Doing some math I have found it is cheaper for me to drive over and terrorize the ridge whilst buying booze there, than it is to buy online. So long as I buy 3 bottles...
  12. I am working on compiling a play list for an up coming "90s Euro Tanz Fest". Its terrible, but I just might have enough Pacifique to make it