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  1. Don't sugar your butterfly or you may end up choking on the sweetness. Don't sugar the BdJ either.. TASTE the Wormwood!
  2. Nothin like a little holiday spirit snuck to you by the grandparents. Welcome.
  3. Was at Absinthe Bar about 2 weeks ago. Stayed at the Inn across the street, of all places. Their selection was Ok. They had Leopolds and Obsello so I went with that. They had Germain-Robin, which I thought was strange. And no Pacifique (I was hoping for). The food was delicious but a bit overpriced. 17 dollar gazpacho. Cheese selection was decent. The ambiance was gothy and the service was stiff. They provided a cold carafe to the table so I could prep my own glass.
  4. Some unbranded sherry (may not actually be be from Jerez) from Californias central coast, while puffing on my Partagas. Celebrating my 11th day of marriage. Life is good.
  5. IMO a great film that deserves a watch from anyone who likes French art and history. There is one 10 to 15 minute scene set in the Belle Epoque (1890) in which Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is set at a table with a properly prepared and very beautifully opalescent absinthe drink in a cordon glass. Not only was it historically displayed, it was accurately displayed.
  6. Vieux Carré (Grey label). With my beagle 'Copper' laying on my toes.
  7. http://wormwoodsociety.org/forums/index.ph...st&p=201471
  8. The only effects I have come to notice and appreciate is an overall happiness and well-being when drunk on absinthe. I attribute this feeling to the green fairy. That's right: the imagined one.
  9. And myself quite the opposite. I have found my favorites here in the States, although mail order, usually.. Thank goodness for DUNY I have my Pacifique always on hand.
  10. The Office, Season 5 Episode 10 "Moroccan Christmas"
  11. Here's what helped me identify the distilled herbs: Try a side-by-side of some Arak, some Kübler, and some La Clandestine, or La Maison Fontaine. Arak is a grape base spirit distilled with only green anise. Smell it, roll it around on the senses, get the feel of the grape spirit. Get familiar with the green anise. Kübler is grain neutral base spirit with star anise, fennel, and a bit of wormwood. After having tasted the Arak, you'll be able to identify the aniseed and isolate the fennel and wormwood. The higher quality blanches I mentioned will have a stronger wormwood profile than the Kübler. Now I was able to identify the wormwood spot on. When it comes to the other herbs usually used in coloration, IMO, there is no alternative for experience.
  12. An LBdJ after dinner. And a Trident cocktail while watching Seinfeld before bed.