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  1. here is the link to our TARN post: http://absinthe-review.net/forums/showthre...id=5621#pid5621
  2. thank you all for your help! a lot of helpful information! We just posted an updated version of our project on the absinthe review network if anyone wants to check it out. still far from being done :/. we have been focusing on creating ads and working on our presentation. and it is offical that our project is due on Dec 3. We should be posting more questions here and on TARN shortly. thank you all again! -CSULB group
  3. Hi we are a group from a CSULB marketing advertising class. We found out we have to do an advertising campaign on a product category and brand of our choice and so being the college students that we are we thought hey why not pick the "badass" of all alcohol, ABSINTHE! This is a huge project and roughly makes up a 1/3 of our grade. And so after much research and group discussions on this project we need some help to complete our assignment. this is the current layout of our project: 1. marketing objectives 2. situation analysis 3. key strategic decisions: a. advertising objectives b. advertising strategies c. target audience d. product image and personality 4. creative plan 5. media plan If anyone has any experience with marketing or advertising and would like to give us some counseling, the help would be more than welcome ... We currently have about 7 pages written up for these 5 sections listed above and we would love to have anybody give us feed back on our work. We could write about 3 pages just talking about the setup and plans for this project so if you have any questions please ask. Also the brand we have chosen is La Fee Parisienne. It wasn't until after we started the project that we found out this brand had received some not so good reviews. But we like a challenge so we are probably going to stick through with it . also we are only focusing on the US market. if anyone knows of any resources to help us with our project, those would also be greatly appreciated. below are some specific questions we need some help with: 1. We currently know Bevmo, costco and drink up Ny sells absinthe. are there any other retailer/distributors? 2. what should be our target market? 3. what is the market share of absinthe in comparison to other spirits? to all of alcohol? 4. what is the market share of La Fee in comparison to other Absinthes? 5. What media (print, tv, internet etc.) would be most effective in advertising La fee absinthe? thank you all for any input!, csulb mktg group this is also posted in the absinthe review forum. on the forum you can check out the attachment to see our current work