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  1. Sippin ‘ on some Belle Amis ( yep still got some ) and listenin to Machine Gun, just cant stop after all these years....
  2. Jetzster

    Time for a WS City Roll Call

    And I know Absomphe “survives”on out there too
  3. Jetzster

    Time for a WS City Roll Call

    Interesting to see what’s up after so many years and the so many places absinthe lovers have responded from! I love it! Jetzster
  4. Jetzster

    Important News For The Wormwood Society

    The WS will live on for years and years to come Gwydion!
  5. Jetzster

    Time for a WS City Roll Call

  6. Jetzster

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Is good therse days, missed ya, hope youre cookin up there, whats up
  7. Jetzster

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Sorry to hear that Hedonmonkey..
  8. Jetzster

    which Jade should I try next?

    Of all the Jades, my experience is Eddy has almost always got the highest raves, the NO I think is a tad darker, muddy and Earthy but still good,what an encompassing idea it would be to decide to divide it all in two,;just split it up and draw a boundry; a modern and a vintage tasting setting, then you'll have a stage thats proper for both, and you'll educate all involved correctly in the two worlds..
  9. Jetzster

    Show us your Glass!

    My kind of guy(My God,an ultra fantastic guitar player also ) but some kind of Ouraline should be on all serious Absentheurs lifelong long "must aquire" list on this Forum
  10. Jetzster

    What ya drinking tonight?

    At least I know your damn taste buds still work...
  11. Jetzster

    Happy Birthday, MASTERPC!

    Happy Day, MasterPC!
  12. Man, what a wonderful thread this turned out to be...,such wonderful people, times, experiences,such wonderful music we are here to hear,Thank you God for Absinthe and all of Us.. Jetzster
  13. Jetzster

    A Wild Newbie Approaches!

    Welcome! Ridge Verte and Marteau are made by Masters,how can u go wrong?