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  1. Ted's Two Centime's on La Maison Fontaine.
  2. I will be taking a trip to Marseille and the south of France sometime soon and was wondering where I would be able to get some quality absinthe around Marseille? All I found so far was a Pastis shop that carries VDF called La Maison Du Pastis. They also have some macerated Absinthe that I have never heard of. If anyone has some better recommendations it would be greatly appreciated thanks. www.lamaisondupastis.fr
  3. Here is another great video by the talented Luc-Santiago. The Bloch Brouille is the centerpiece of this presentation however there is a full Perroquet louche featured towards the end. A thing of beauty indeed.
  4. I'm sure you would. And a while ago you had a special Absomphe size glass constructed to hold the 10oz Absomphe sized dose.
  5. I tried both the Clandestine 53 and the Blanchette over the weekend and I found them both to be quite good. However I found that I like the Blanchette much better than the Clandestine 53 but that's just my personal taste. Everyone has their own. I highly recommend picking up a flask of Blanchette at least. And for 20$ from LDF I think the flasks are a great deal. If you want to try a brand but don't want to shell out money for full a bottle the flask is the way to go. On a side note my fiancee liked the Clandestine 53 better so why not get both?
  6. There's a weird part about the "fire ritual" at the end. I really don't know what to say about this one.
  7. Mon dieu! So, if you want to impress your friends, you could prepare them for the huffing ritual.
  8. Now if only the fish were to be cooked with absinthe as well. I have always been partial to good crusted artisan bread and cheese. Although the secret to a good pairing is picking the right cheese. Gouda is usually a safe bet for me. Add some sliced heirloom tomato and maybe some basil sprigs and voila, simple yet good. This is something that should be more palate clearing than anything else. This is great to have in between tasting different kinds. Promethee and Tete de moine? Yes please. Anyone have any more good cheese suggestions?
  9. What ever happened with this? I have the same glass and it would be nice to remove that visual abhorrence. Did anyone ever find anything that would work? I would like to know if I may. This is a really great idea. I would love to try this. How you know where to mark the water line though? Do you just mark it at 3 to 1?
  10. Sipping on some 5 month old Pacifique and watching "Gothic" 1986 Ken Russell (one of my personal favorites) and Andy Warhol's "Flesh For Frankenstein". So if you like the very weird more than seeing PF 1901 in a Bonque you might want to check these out.
  11. I will be trying this with some LTV tonight in a side by side comparison against some louched Pacifique for the betterment of some newbs. No contest. Lucky for me I got one of the small bottles, for the first and last time mind you. And inside that bottle lurked gibbering hideousness, diabolism. Here, truly, is the apotheosis of the unnamable.
  12. Absinthe at the .Do they still prepare it in the "traditional" manner? They also burn LTV here in another more recent video. Someone needs to put a stop to this.