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  1. Hey! That's great. Beyond what I expected. I hated to delete the first one from YouTube. It had a better track record than my last video already and some nice comments too. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Thanks you all for the kind words. I agree. The music does lift the presentation to a higher level. I didn't get the first video uploaded properly and the quality wasn't all I hoped. So, I did it again. It's better now. At least you can read the text and the pictures look a bit clearer. Here's the new link: Many thanks for the appreciation, id
  3. Thanks for all the kind words. It was a great experience for us. I'm very grateful to have been invited along. Let's see, there was Skeeter, Oxy, Grim, Pierre Verte, Eric, Oscar from left to right in the picture. Oh yeah, I think the final video came out with a bit of a funky quality. I'm looking into what I might have done wrong. I'm hoping to correct that soon. Have great weekends, id
  4. Hello all, I've posted my little video slide show of the making of L'Artisanale in Pontarlier. Hope you enjoy! The Making of L'Artisanale id
  5. Hello All! This is great to see the anticipation building for Blues Cat's release. It my opinion it's been a long time coming for Eric to get something produced like this. I'm not taking away anything from all that contributed, co-worked, collaborated, or counseled. I'm glad for the sterling team that came together for this. But, it is Eric and his touch that I think will come pouring out of those bottles. My congratulations to all involved. I was there in Portarlier in the spring of 2006 with Eric and the bunch. I was invited to tag along to document the process of making L'Artsinale. My wife, Becky and I didn't know anyone involved personally except Eric. For us it was an unforgettable trip. I have been thinking for a while to get those images pulled up and make them available for people to see. We had a small get-together a couple of months after getting back from the trip. I threw a little slide show together and intended to get copies to all involved. I don't remember how many actually got to see the show. I know Eric got a copy though. I'm working on finally putting something together for those interested to see. I wanted to have it together by this past weekend but we were still working on the project. I'll let you know when I've got it ready and post a link. There's actually video too but, other than just seeing a few minutes of the footage, we still haven't even seen the video. I felt it would be a good thing to pay a little tribute to Blues Cat's Pappy, L'Artisinale. I hope I can get this together soon. Congratulations to all! Can't wait to taste the new addition.
  6. Finally! I'm really glad for Mark and his folks. By the way, they also are carrying their Voyager Gin. And Blues Cat is out too. All good stuff. I'm working on a little project I hope will be a bit of fun for all. Coming soon. Take care, Miguel and all. D
  7. Thanks. It wasn't easy to get around the ink. There a sequel shoot for this series we're about to shoot. That's coming soon. Have a great weekend. I'm really in the mood for a nice glass of absinthe. id
  8. Well, I can't help it. It just happens when I get all excited.
  9. Hear that? that's the sound of my piggy bank hitting the wall.
  10. Then you, Jules. Merde, my friend. You can see my titties in my avatar. I can only think of those nights we sat together in the dark and you were too shy to ask then to see my titties. Oh, damn you missed opportunities. Bushman, hurry up and get the rec-room ready. I'd be proud to have my work hanging at your place. Hey! I added new images yesterday and hope to get at least a couple more up today. My peechures (as they say in my country)
  11. I love your work, BTW. Thanks, I totally misunderstood what was going on. I just know Merdeverte loved all of it.
  12. Absolutely! It's 71 degrees here and sunny. Come on down. Let's get to work. Id
  13. I wonder what Ansel Adams would have said to that? I think he'd agree. There's nothing wrong with large format photography at all. It is absolutely beautiful. The statement goes to the lack of creativity in some art directors. If they've got a dumb-ass idea, they'll come in insisting on shooting said dumb-ass idea on large format in order to save it. Bottom line is that a dumb-ass idea is a dumb-ass idea no matter what the format. Man, I miss shooting large format work. If only I could afford to still do it. Id
  14. Well, Miguel, Let's see if Mona can be converted if only for the time it takes to do the shoot. One of my next models is coming from San Francisco and loves absinthe. Id
  15. Ok, Good morning, all. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows there's no problem here between Merde and I (or anyone else). I actually didn't get to see what friend, Merde wrote. But we are very good friends and I know whatever he wrote was a disgusting expression of his love. There's no trouble between us. But, there is my great appreciation for all that rose to my defense. Here's what's funny: I got a message of activity on the thread. So I come over and see Fingerpickinblue's comment, "worthless". I thought, damn! He may not like my work but that's kinda harsh. I didn't focus on the quote from baubel. Then I see Miguel jumps in to, what I think is, my rescue (from Fingerpickinblue's comment). As I write this I realize this is exactly what merdeverte lives for. He is loving the chaos he leaves in his wake. It's his genius. He'll get right in there among a group of praying nuns and silently release the most foulest of farts and then slip to the back of the church and watch as the nuns pummel each other into a pile of bad habits blaming each other for said fart and just laugh to himself. Now let's get back to looking at my new peeechures. I'll be uploading some more new ones today. Share the galleries through the social networks of choice. I want people to see these. I didn't work this hard to stack them up in a closet. Peace out (ok, that's the first time I've ever written that and last I hope). To quote the great work of Python, "Let's not bicker 'bout who killed who. This is supposed to be an "Appy occasion". Id aka Damian
  16. Since when do you have a bedtime? I thought you just hung off a branch in the shadows you beautiful twist. Hey, Becky's back with her mom. I've got your Christmas card here. I think it's time to introduce them to the real story of how the baby jesus was conceived. Film at 11...
  17. Merde, What have you gone and done now? I do know your twisted sense of humor makes a New York pretzel look like that proverbial, four hour, Viagra induced erection. Damn. It's too early. You know, the one that if I were to have for four hours, I wouldn't only call my doctor. I'd call a priest, a rabbi, my friends, your friends, my mother and everybody else! I'm adding more images as I can. So check for new stuff.
  18. Bill, Obviously, I enjoy my work. It's good to know it is appreciated. All the best, Damian
  19. Don't forget. He also said ASS-pire. How low will this go?
  20. Oh, the predictability is simply sterling! Oops, you said, "dic". Munching some beaver carpaccio here. Id
  21. Still more to come. I've been a busy little beaver.
  22. Here's the latest shots to be added. The Muse Seduced - Absinthe Visions series You'll do me a great favor if you if you share these galleries through your favorite social media venues. When you get to the galleries. There are button on the right side of each gallery for that. Thanks! Have great week! Id